Police find pipe bombs in Eric Frein search area

Deer hunters allowed in Pennsylvania woods despite Frein manhuntMorning Call – by Laurie Mason Schroeder and Peter Hall

State police confirmed Tuesday that they had found two pipe bombs Eric Frein left behind in the woods, and say they’ve had a credible sighting of him within the last 24 hours.

Lt. Col. George Bivens said that the search area for Frein remains the same, several miles along the Pike and Monroe County border, but that police are also checking up on tips related to other areas that he has been known to frequent.  

Bevins showed reporters photos of the pipe bombs they found, saying that the devices were designed to spray shrapnel.

The lieutenant said that the bombs were part of Frein’s “nonconfrontational and gutless efforts to kill law enforcement.”

Bevins said about 1,000 law enforcement officers are involved in the search, and that police are doing their best to minimize road closures and car searches so that residents won’t be further disturbed by the ongoing manhunt.

He said his office is working with the state Game Commission, which will make the ultimate decision as to whether to allow bow hunters in the search area when deer season begins on Saturday. Earlier, officials said hunting would be allowed.

Bevins said that searchers also found items belonging to Frein that appeared to be hurriedly discarded. He would not say what the items are, but said he believed Frein left them behind because he was running from police.

He said that investigators believe that Frein did not expect to have to hide in the woods so quickly, and may not have prepared as well as he wanted to.

“I’m sure he is stressed. He has to be at this point,” Bevins said. “I’m sure he’s not sleeping well at night.”

Bevins said that searchers have found shelters which Frein may have used, but said he was not prepared to confirm that Frein had constructed bunkers.

“You are clearly stressed and making significant mistakes,” Bevins said, speaking directly to Frein though the media. “While you are no doubt weaker, our troops are resilient and strong. We are not going anywhere. It is time to surrender.”

Police say Frein, 31, gunned down two troopers in an ambush attack at the Blooming Grove state police barracks on September 12.

Cpl. Bryon Dickson, a 38-year-old father of two, was killed in the attack. Another trooper, Alex Douglass, 31, was shot and severely wounded.

Police say Frein, a self-proclaimed survivalist and cold war reenactor, has been hiding in the woods near his Canandensis, Monroe County, home since the attack, about 15 miles away from Blooming Grove. Investigators say they’ve found items Frein allegedly left in the forest, including ammunition, Serbian cigarette packs and soiled diapers.

Earlier this week, police said that a search of Frein’s computer hard drive showed that he had been planning the attack for years, and had researched ways to avoid a manhunt. Detectives found bomb-making materials at Frein’s home, officials said.

Frein has allegedly harbored a long-standing but unspecified grudge against police for years, officials said, and has talked about committing mass murder.

State police have said that they believe Frein is targeting law enforcement, and is not a danger to the general public. Frein has been spotted four or five times, and as recently as late last week, sources said. But police say they’ve found no messages or signs from him, and don’t believe Frein is laying in wait to attack.

Bevins was joined at the press conference by FBI Special Agent John Brosnan from the Philadelphia Field Office and Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin.


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PHOTO: Police said the pipe bombs found in the search for Eric Frein were ‘fully functional.’

PHOTO: One of the pipe bombs police found in the ongoing manhunt for cop shooting suspect Eric Frein.


8 thoughts on “Police find pipe bombs in Eric Frein search area

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Yes, yes, yes,… they managed to find two pipe bombs left behind by the FBI,… big deal.

    BUT!!!,… they also stated, “they’ve had a credible sighting of him within the last 24 hours.”

    Yes,.. according to the National Inquire (the field magazine of choice for the FBI),.. he was last seen eating a hamburger with Elvis and Michael Jackson.

    Guess they should just follow the french-fry trail to their secret bat-cave.

    JD – US Marines – More theather,.. and VERY bad theater at that.


  2. Did Frein actually carry all the materials with him to be able to put two pipe bombs together while on the run? I would think food, water and a firearm would be more important to his survival.
    . . .

  3. Well since their false flag story is not going anywhere and has lost steam with the public, I see they’ve decided to plant some new props to keep the it going.

    Not even your favorite actor could save this pathetic movie.

  4. Frein, Chelsea Clinton, Ebola, Paralyzing Upper Respiratory Disease, Obama Secret Security issues. . . all to distract us from what’s going on the the Middle East.
    . . .

    1. And mass murder by the Zionist led government in KIEV Ukraine. Mass graves found with old men women and children. The militia in Ukraine are comprised of Ukrainian and Russian people and if they were not resisting there would be millions murdered already. I’m certain of it.

  5. My first inclination being somewhat of a skeptic having been mislead, walked on, and lied to by either government or so called police their credibility is about ZERO with me. They earned the contempt as well as the distrust and skepticism they now have with we the Public. You know? Their BOSSES!!

    Here is the question on my mind this day. Is any of this story they are feeding us in small tidbits even real?

    For one thing with a sister like this Eric Frein is supposed to have who needs enemies the way she talks. Families usually stick together and defaming her brother in public is not believable to normal sane people. To police who are morons and high functioning psychopaths I’m sure that makes credible sense.

    Another thing is they’ve expended a lot of time and resources in hunting someone down in their own familiar territory. I know COPS are stupid, but their psycho bosses aren’t and I doubt they would do this. It would make more sence to just sit tight and wait for him to make another attempt at picking off one of their own, but be on the alert to THEN go after him. As many comments I’ve read from others have suggested that this is nothing more than an exercise for martial law in a rural area to give the attack dogs some practice for future events. Pennsylvania has a long tradition of long range marksmanship. Its tanker country too many parts so long range shots are more readily made. Forested areas too provide a good practice area for hunting someone or groups of people like partisans in the future.

    Maybe they did get their ideas from “The National Enquirer” or “The Globe”. We are dealing with people who are used to lying. Strange to us, perhaps because we are normal, but to them we are weak fools for adhering to moral integrity. They the police forces have the minds of a hardened criminal.

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