Police Kill Suspect After Ordering Him Out of House

The Rundown Live – by Mike Paczesny

Video taken from a witness to an officer-involved shooting in northwest Spokane on March 26, 2014, shows a man leaving a single-story house who is then fired upon several times.

Police officers shot and killed a robbery suspect outside a home.

Police had been watching the man in a home. He was suspected in an armed robbery of an ice cream store, according to police.

Police used a PA system in an effort to negotiate the man’s surrender.

The man spotted officers and began talking to them through his screen door.222112

The man came outside and “refused to comply with police orders,” according to spokeswoman Monique Cotton.

Witnesses saw 10 officers converge on the home. One of the officers tried to talk the man out of the house, telling him to come out.

The man walked outside with an “expressionless stare” as officers yelled “Drop it! Drop it!” According to one witness.

Police officers then fired multiple shots killing the man.

At some point the officers believed their safety and the safety of the community was at risk,” said Police Chief Frank Straub.

Police are not identifying the man.

A handgun was found nearby. But who was to say if he was armed when shot. The SWAT team was on the way because the suspect was known to be armed.

So basically this guy was killed over an expressionless stare, since the police assumed he was armed they are able to murder suspects at will.

Why not use covert means and wait for the man to leave and use a simple traffic stop? Because they want to play soldier and kill citizens.



4 thoughts on “Police Kill Suspect After Ordering Him Out of House

  1. They like killing people, and use any available excuse to justify it.

    Then they pat each other on the back, and celebrate “another bad guy going down”, due process be damned. How can they be sure their ‘suspect” was even guilty of the crime? They can’t be sure, and it doesn’t matter to them. They’re getting used to killing people, and it’s getting easier for them.

    They’re no different than any other gang of thugs, and if you don’t realize that by now, it’s because you’ve been irreversibly brainwashed by three decades of cop shows convincing you that these morons serve some kind of beneficial role in our society.

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