22 thoughts on “Police Shoot Firefighter In Parking Lot After Mistaking Wallet For Gun

  1. Wow,….

    Listen to this cop blow a hugh bubble of smoke to cover up the fact these cops are guilty of attempted murder.

    Listen especially as he throws in the standard SOP statement that the gy shot, “thanked” the cops for shooting him

    Yeah,.. right.

    JD – US Marines – Sure,.. is fireman tried to shoot cops with a,… loaded wallet,….

    1. But of course JD. Them cops always stick up for one another be it right or wrong. And the hell of it is is they seem to have a clear consious when they do it every time. In hunting training courses and other gun courses don`t they say that you do not shoot unless ya know what you are shooting at and are sure of your target?

  2. Cop’s are “Out of Control” and it’s gonna get worse. Cop’s and thug’s are looking an awfull lot-a-like! One more reason to carry concealed!

  3. In addition, his mother gave birth to him and he came out breathing. That Is unmistakably a “classic” sign he wanted to be “suicided” by us cops.

  4. Don’t these POS cops even get a vision test before they’re hired?

    Apparently the majority of them can’t see for sh#t!!!

  5. All you firefighters better beware of your “brother” first responders. They were only TOO HAPPY to shoot when they KNEW in advance he was despondent. This was ATTEMPTED MURDER by PIG, not attempted suicide…….. they KNEW he was depressed and should have held back.

  6. listened to witness, he described same as Police, but said he thought a suicide by cop. I guess my question is why did he come out of car in combat position. Of course they would shoot.

  7. Not to even mention obvious blatant lies in this case (yawn), isn’t it funny that whenever they shoot someone, they always protect their own life (supposedly). At the same time we hear constant claims that they are risking daily those same their lives – supposedly for others. You know, those famous “split-second decisions”. Where’s that one case when they have shot (or did anything at all, for that matter) while protecting someone else’s life?

  8. Wasn’t too long ago when a cop had to be FIRED UPON first before using his gun. It was a wise policy that police departments need to return to because no one was ever killed for holding their wallet in a combat position back then.

    The new “shoot first” policy is a result of people believing the BS about how dangerous a cop’s job is, without ever looking at the actual statistics that prove it’s one of the safest jobs you can have.

    The “war on drugs” was accompanied by idiots screaming that we need to “empower the police”, and all of our lives went downhill from there.


  10. We didnt realize it was a water canon on top of the fire truck, we saw men frantically stealing water from one of those red metal things all over town, we thought they were terrorist because the face shields resembled bomb shields and they were carrying axes and we had to shoot them to protect the citizens.

  11. And people believe this shit!

    Cops should be disarmed, as they are a danger to the public, in fact you are more likely to be shot by a cop than a supposed criminal.

    Cretins gone wild.

  12. This turkey keeps referring to the man they shot as the ‘offender’, so what was the offense? Is it an offense to be shot by police?

      1. He also had a half eaten pop-tart shaped like a gun. He was obviously a terrorist…oh yeah…he hates children too!

  13. Why all the stories coming out about cops killing innocent people and dogs? Answer: to foment hate against the police! The globalist want muslims, christians, blacks & whites etc. in a heightened sense of agitation to spread there religious philosophy of ” order out of chaos “. This is the absolute truth. Spread love, not hatred, spread peace, not war. God gives us the spiritual armour to put on, the helmut of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, gird your loins with truth, weild the sword of the spirit which is the word of god, hold the shield of faith which will quench the fiery darts of the devil, and shod your feet with the gospel of peace.

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