Police Want Cop Killings Added To Hate Crime Law

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The law, 18 U.S. Code § 249, considers offenses “involving actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin” as hate crimes.

“Right now, it’s a hate crime if you attack someone solely because of the color of their skin, but it ought to be a hate crime if you attack someone solely because of the color of their uniform as well,” Jim Pasco, the executive director of the organization, wrote in a letter to Obama and Congressional leaders this week.  

The Obama administration responded by saying the initiative is “something that we’ll have to consider.”

Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said a task force convened on 21st Century policing will consider the call to make violence against police a hate crime.

Police want the designation despite the fact killings of police officers have fallen since the 1970s along with the rate of violent crime in general.

“Even with a slight increase in the number of on-duty fatalities last year, law enforcement remains a much safer occupation than many worthier jobs in the productive sector,” writes William Norman Griggs.

“The violent death of a police officer is somewhat similar to a plane crash: It is an infrequent occurrence that attracts intensive media coverage, thereby distorting public perceptions of risk. Plane crashes are rare; highway fatalities happen every day. A similar comparison could be made between the murder of police officers and police killings of citizens.”

Police unions and the federal government are not prepared to address the far more serious problem of police violence against citizens and the correlation of this violence to the militarization of police around the country.

A report produced by the Obama administration in the wake of Ferguson and the response of police to peaceful protesters calls for better documentation and transparency.

“What the report doesn’t recommend is scaling back the programs in any notable or significant way,” writes Scott Shackford. “It appears as though the White House is trying to have it both ways on police militarization, calling for reforms without having to tackle the issues surrounding whether it’s actually necessary.”


16 thoughts on “Police Want Cop Killings Added To Hate Crime Law

  1. Police Want Cop Killings Added To Hate Crime Law….

    and the people want the KILLER COPS OFF THE PAYROLL.

    Since the people pay for “this service”…
    what the people want, the people get…..

    Stop the abuse…

  2. Well, if attacking blue uniforms is a hate crime, the answer is simple…change the uniform color to brown. That would be more historically correct anyway, since the police are acting more like nazi brownshirts.

    1. You brainwashed idiot…..you still think it’s the Nazis! The Nazis were primarily going after the Communist Jews.

      1. The Truth of Yahwah-
        BEFORE you call someone else an idiot/you should have your facts in order. “nazi” is short for ashkenazi.
        the nazi’s were jews killing their own for the sake of money and power just like george soros/go read up on that scumbag. its pretty sad you say Yahwah in your name but you are more ignorant of the true history of the pseudo-jews/aka pharisees/aka pharoahs/aka sons of satan.

        1. I don’t know what happened to my original post. But the Germans/Nazi’s are not Jews. The Jews are destroying Europe just like they are destroying America. The Jews (not Israelites) are not the same as white Europeans.

          1. I’ll tell you what happened to your post. I took it down.
            You nazis need to take your dogma somewhere else.
            This site is not about race. It is about American nationals of all pigments of skin and our absolute rights under our Bill of Rights.
            You people have your own sites, but as you are fanatics, you are failing.
            If you want to be a f#@king nazi, go find another country because national socialism will not be allowed in the United States, no more than soviet socialism is going to be.
            And that is the truth of Henry.

  3. We want killing our dogs a hate crime too
    oh and killing by them to any of us as a hate crime too, as it shows they despise us , and proves they hate who’s paying their salaries and under funded UNION PENSIONS!!!!

  4. These jack boot thugs can kiss my ass. They kill hundreds a year who are completely innocent of any crime. These machales navy wannabes are lucky they even have f..king jobs.

  5. It’s was an act of treason when the first unconstitutional Police force was formed in America. I think it was the Boston Police Department in the mid 1800’s

  6. “Obama spokesman Josh Earnest”. How many of you think that he’s just Josh ‘en us about his earnesty? If that’s his real name, I don’t think that brick would feel too good coming out!

  7. It is already a Federal offence to kill a cop. And you get a extra 20 years for killing them. They are already on the Federl Governments protected thing list. So why do they need this except for added squille of power if one is shot or shot at. But if they do want extra protection for hatting the collor of there uniform I say OK. But we redesign the uniform so we can all hate it. Floresent pink leotars with reflective lime green blouse. Beany cap with wirrler blade bright red shoes. Something to make them stand out so no one shoots at them but runs in fear of the sight of them. Should work.

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