Police: We’re exempt from the law

Tea Party at Perrysburg

From NRO, we learn of the action of the Texas Temple Police Department who chose to arrest an American soldier bearing a rifle on a hike with his son to earn his Eagle Scout badge.

The policemen are arrogant, abusive and ignorant of the law.

As Cooke at NRO concludes, the police are using the excuse (in this case) of “rudely displaying” the weapon but in reality, after confiscating the weapons, the police fool around dangling the victim legally until he agrees to have his guns confiscated permanently in exchange for the charges being dropped.  Interesting technique and not the first transparent attempt to circumvent the law in order to confiscate legal weapons.

Particularly chilling is the officer’s telling Grisham that a police officer is “allowed to” carry a weapon, but that Grisham is not — despite Grisham’s having a permit. “We’re exempt from the law” is not a phrase you want to hear from law enforcement in a constitutional republic.


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  1. Temple Police. That’s the next big city North of Round Rock and Williamson County. To the West of it is Kileen (and Fort Hood) which is the worst town in Texas for police corruption. Even worse than Round Rock. Temple is known to have a lot of Illuminati cult rituals and is one of the places where many of the Gestapo police officers (AKA Round Rock police) come from.

    This guy is lucky he didn’t get tasered, shot or killed or jumped by more police officers.

    I hope things work out for him and that the bastards get sued, but I don’t have high hopes.

    I’m sure Angel-NYC would agree with me for the most part.

      1. Really? I wouldn’t go there. God only knows what kind of sick government experiments they are doing on veterans in those hospitals.

        1. Against my will, my Mother sent my Father there. He was the second bed filled at the brand new facility and dead in less than 2 weeks. My entire life, he made me Promise that I would never allow him to be put in a VA Hospital because he “would not come out alive.” Unfortunately, as the child not the spouse, I had no power to stop it
          BTW, did you get the email I sent you?

          1. Sorry to hear that, Angel.

            I got your email. Great, just what we need. Another Bush in this world. It never ends.

          2. If you can, (in the story) click on the Bush Center. That’s the part that will Really get ya.

          3. ” “We are 100 days from dedicating this important civic institution. It will preserve for history the important decisions made by President Bush during his Presidency and will embody and carry on the values of President and Mrs. Bush,” said Mark Langdale, President of the George W. Bush Foundation. “We look forward to being a vibrant part of the greater SMU campus and continuing the service of President and Mrs. Bush through the work of the George W. Bush Institute.” ”

            You mean the cowardly values and childish attitude, the C student performance, the look he gave when he heard the buildings collapsed and the false information about WMD in order to go to invade and go to war with Iraq? Or how about the International values that we hold so dear to him like his outstanding arrest warrants for war crimes and torture?

            Yep, like his daddy being honored, rather than hanged at Texas A&M, they now have Jr. honored at SMU.

            You know, for a state that is all about the Constitution and guns, you’d think they would have more brains than to sacrifice their lives to these Satanic, treasonous traitors who should be hanged for all eternity. And then there’s Rick Perry.

            Texas has a lot of good people, but for some reason they keep supporting these elitist assholes. The Texan people are trying to fix themselves and are getting better, but they still need some work.

    1. Have you heard about the Grand Opening of Jr’s Library, May 1st, on the SMU campus? I read an announcement about it the other day on his website and gagged.

  2. “If you feel threatened, then you’re a sorry excuse for a police officer.” HAHAAHAHAA!! That’s awesome.

    Marine:”Do you know what the law is?”
    Cop: “There are people that called in about this.”
    Marine: “And did you explain to them what the law is, sir?”
    Cop: “They don’t care what the law is.”
    Marine: “And do YOU care about what the law is?”

    OMG! What pathetic excuse for a police officer this guy is. IT’S YOUR DUTY AS A POLICE OFFICER TO EXPLAIN TO PEOPLE WHAT THE LAW IS, DUMBASS!!

    The mentality of these two cops is beyond stupid. Just look at these two cops. Both look like they have an IQ of a 2.

    Sergeant: “We do not ask people for their guns. It’s dangerous. I’m sure you didn’t do that in Iraq.”

    And I’m sure DHS had a fun time brainwashing these two stupid cops (probably wasn’t too hard to do with these two cops who already have an IQ of 2) into telling them that anyone with a gun in public is dangerous and should be arrested in any way shape or form.

    Cop: “I’m not going to let you put your hands on it and shoot me.”
    Marine: “Who said I was gonna shoot you?”
    Cop: “I don’t know you.”
    Marine: “I don’t know you, either. You could be a rogue cop. You guys aren’t all saints.”

    Hahahaha!! This guy’s my hero and my idol. I hope he sticks it to these bastards and sues the shit out of them.

    1. So do I.
      The TX I grew up in had a fully loaded gun rack in the rear window of every pickup truck. How times have changed. 🙁

      1. Yea I remember those days in the movies. Never actually saw it growing up in Buffalo, NY though (What do you expect from a Socialist state), but it is what I pictured Texas to be before coming here. Ugh! Times have surely changed.

  3. “the police are using the excuse (in this case) of “rudely displaying” the weapon”

    Honestly, do they just sit around everyday coming up with the dumbest excuses for an arrest that is not even a law but one of their penal codes?

    Really? Rudely displaying the weapon? How about arresting someone for “rudely making fun of a handicapped person”, too or “rudely talking to a police officer” aka verbal assault to them or “rudely making a face”. Or wait! How about the excuse of arresting someone for “interference with a public servant”. Oh wait! The Round Rock Police already did that…TO ME!!!

    These dumb F**KERS need their asses kicked like a football into a field goal post.

  4. my only experience with police in Texas was during an evening (about 8 P.M.) walk outside the Ramada South hotel in Irving, where I was staying as an American Airlines Operations agent on temporary duty at DFW, based out of LAX. A cop pulled up to me and demanded my ID. I just showed him my AA ID from a distance and said I’m minding my own business. It’s not what he wanted to hear, and we almost had a nasty confrontation. You need to know your rights, be as respectful as you can be under the circumstances, but don’t you budge. You inform that cop that unless there is a genuine investigation going on – and this does not mean “we got an anonymous tip that someone matching your description was seen breaking into cars” or whatever – you have no intention of allowing your rights to be violated. You have absolutely no obligation to talk with these people, minus genuine suspicion – and even then, figure that the cop is lying unless you know otherwise. It is the only job in America where lying is rewarded with a paycheck and a pension.

  5. Just wow. From what I could see and hear in the video, a civil rights lawsuit against the officer, the supervisor on the scene, the Temple PD, and anyone else involved is clearly justified.

    I hope the Temple PD fires the officers involved to prevent future lawsuits against it (i.e. the local taxpayers) and future harassment of law abiding citizens by those individuals.

    There probably wasn’t even a call to the cops about this guy carrying his rifle. Even more unlikely that it would be from a resident there. What did the local people do to deserve such bad cops?

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