Polish and Italian Farmers RISE UP Against Government Elites Destroying Their Family Businesses

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Farmer protests continued in The Netherlands on Thursday. And now the movement is spreading.

Farmer protests were launched in Italy and Poland on Thursday. 

Farmers in The Netherlands blocked supermarket distribution hubs on Monday, July 4th.

The farmers are outraged over new government regulations that force them to reduce their nitrogen fertilizer compounds and limit their number of livestock. The farmers argue that these policies will bankrupt their family business.

Reuters reported:

Reductions are necessary in emissions of nitrogen oxides from farm animal manure and from the use of ammonia in fertilizer, the government says, estimating a 30% reduction in the number of livestock is needed.

High-intensity farming of cows, pigs and other animals has made the Netherlands Europe’s leading emitter of the substances. Construction and traffic also contribute.

Dutch and European courts have ordered the Dutch government to address the problem. Farmers say they have been unfairly singled out and have criticised the government’s approach.

Traffic jams were reported on the highways.

In the Netherlands, the supermarkets are starting to run out of food on their shelves.


Farmers in Poland are now rising up against the elites.


Italian farmers are also rising up in protest against the stifling regulations against their livelihood.

Mass protests of farmers in Poland.


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14 thoughts on “Polish and Italian Farmers RISE UP Against Government Elites Destroying Their Family Businesses

  1. F*ck “protesting”! Stop pissing around & do what really needs to be done. These POS are taking food out of the mouths of your children & pi$$ing in your face while they’re doing it! The time really is now to start dragging these worthless f*cks into the street & giving them what’s been coming for a LONG time!!! END THEIR BLOODLINES ONCE & FOR ALL!!!

    1. Ally, I was watching a video of a similar farmer’s rebellion where they were spraying manure at the politicians. Wouldn’t it be better if they used their manure spraying equipment to spray bullets, instead? I wonder if their equipment could do that.

      1. Coming from the Canadian side of this war, we have someone who has been fighting against the BAR for 20 years. There are a few points he misses, for example, when Christine Anderson mentions the fight for freedom, “democracy” and the rule of law. There are other examples which the Trenchers will catch right away. Otherwise, in my opinion, Christopher James is the closest I have come to the power and passion of Henry and the Trenchers. The song at the beginning is about walking on the water, which is the corporate admiralty. It’s not a religious statement. It is a statement of faith. It mentions the saviour, which is all the people who are in the trenches, armed with the truth and other weapons, walking on the water which is the unlawful jurisdiction which we are putting under our feet, to take down the powers that have been drowning the world in their lies, corruption and genocide. This is as close as I have come so far, to the Trenches here in Canada. What is your take on what he is bringing forth? https://awarriorcalls.com/recent-videos/

        1. My take is please do not compare these gentlemen to the people in the Trenches. Just like others of their ilk, they say they are the only ones who know and have the answers and that all should follow them.
          In the Trenches, you go look in the f-king mirror and you see the only person who is going to make a difference.
          This man asks for your donations so he can buy transcripts from a star chamber court that he admits is not going to change a goddamn thing.
          What he is doing we did thirty years ago and we didn’t pay any esquire/servant of the queen one f-king penny.
          In the beginning of the one I watched, June 30th, they show you their properties and all the shit they own. That is not the jungle.
          I’ll put it simple to you, the money they have to spend on the equipment to run their operation is worth more than all I’ve ever had in my whole life.
          Good and evil? Right and wrong? My people cornered the courts to where they could provide no answer and so they tried to kill us, and we did time as political prisoners.
          The other fella with the cowboy hat can purchase property to hide his family while he does his nothing in the nothing courts.
          This guy is Alex Jones wannabe. He has never had one bone broken or spilled one drop of blood fighting for liberty.
          All the money the well to do Canadians are sending this pr-k is going to perpetuate this pr-k.
          See, I’m not the leader/commander directing the forces to do what I believe they should do.
          I am showing them the absolute law and as they look in that mirror forcing them to see not only their right but their duty to enforce the law, and the law is not going to be enforced by paper.
          Just think of all the guns the money these assholes are handing over to the star chamber court could buy.
          This guy is stalling for time just like Alex Jones did. Time to get himself as financially powerful as possible that he might get a better deal in your slave society, just like Alex Jones.
          But by all means, if God is telling you to follow this pr-k, follow him and see where he takes you and by the time you get there, there will be no taking it back. His war is in the corrupt courts. I’ll tell you this, it will go nowhere because when the queen’s had enough she will implement violence and tyranny, which means you are her subject and she can do with you as she goddamn pleases.
          The only way you break free is to declare the American law of December 15, 1791 as the supreme superior unalienable law of your people, and then get out a gun if you can afford it or if you are allowed to have one, and enforce it.
          No, do not associate this f-ker with the Trenches, we’ve already played this game and made Alex Jones richer. We know the bullshit when we see it. We know we’ve been betrayed beyond betrayed. So with our arsenals, we wait in the jungle to fight for that which belongs to us just as our ancestors did.
          But again, God might want us to be slaves. I’ve heard preachers say that we are in the condition we are in because that is what God wants, which always brings me to the king in days of yore sitting in their own shit drinking Champaign from a golden goblet as he butchers people and starves them to death with that Cardinal’s hand laid upon his shoulder declaring this is God’s will.
          My advise to you as an individual, and not the only one who can see past his nose and a man who has forgotten more about the law than this f-ker will ever know, had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and served time as a documented political prisoner, that this man is not the only one out there telling the truth. There are more individual Trenchers that understand as individuals where reality lies. It is fight or f-king die. And anybody who tells you different is buying time for your enemy.
          But as I’ve said before, you think you are free individuals, do everything this man tells you and he will lead you to true autonomy, which means nobody leads you but you. If you can’t figure that out you are going to get what you deserve.

        2. By the way, I didn’t hear this son of a bitch endorsing the Trenches anywhere in his presentation.
          So to everybody, quit leaving comments with other people’s programs on them to endorse them to get our donations for them when they are already f-king rich. These mother f-kers would last in the jungle about five seconds and their bones would be thrown out the other side.
          If it is just that you can’t face the fact that it is just fight or die, move along and get the f-k out of the way and go find you some program to listen to that will pretend that you have an option.

          1. Wow, that’s quite a summing up, Henry. All over the place, I mean just about every other outlet, site, broadcasts are selling the people short by not telling them the necessity of fighting. An on-going great irritation and disturbance to those who know what we must do. Only The Trench does that and only The Trench is worthy of any donation from me. In a way, they are all cowardly traitors.

            Consummate summary here:

            “In the Trenches, you go look in the f-king mirror and you see the only person who is going to make a difference.”

            Thanks for that truth-gem, Henry.


          2. We all in this World could have a Bill of Rights. People will have to fight and die theres no other Fcking way!!! War is the answer.

  2. Thank you, Henry. You made it clear to me that what he is attempting to do in what he refers to as the Common Law, does not work because the system is so corrupt that those who have already made their money serving it are too comfy in their ill-begotten wealth that it would be far too costly for them to bite the hand that has fed them all their lives. Attemptig to bring the people together out in the open with the truth in hand for all members of the service corporation called Canada, past and present, for everyone to see, and to be prosecuted in a Common Law court, is a waste of time and money because even though much of what is being said would resonate with the people in need of justice for the genocide being committed, that ground has already been covered many times already with the same results which you spelled out in no uncertain terms. He has had harm done to his family and his father was murdered so he has skin of his own in the game. I’m sure he believes his fight means something, but hard as he fights every day by using his voice, it is just another voice.

    The Trenchers are the ones who have already been through this struggle which turned to shit, and they have already learned how to slough off everything else, as just another way of not really fighting at all, because as tough and as credible as it seems, it is simply not the answer.

    What it boils down to is the only law that has ever been made law by the people who had their bones broken, their blood spilled, who fought and died for it, and that is the American Bill of Rights, 1791, of which he is not informed.

    I truly appreciate what I am learning from you and the Trenchers. Your reply is helping me to see through to the bottom line. The mirror.

    P.S. I was not necessarily endorsing anyone, as my intent was to share what is happening here. I realize that we have never really won our freedom. We never will until we accomplish what your ancestors accomplished in 1791 after a bloody fight to the death. Today, those accomplishments must be fought for in the same manner. Liberty or death. We still need to learn that.

      1. He was caught in the court system over property rights and they had him under so much stress and abuse that it ended up killing him. Christopher James is trying to access our public courts which are occupied by the BAR, by proving they have no jurisdiction over We, the People, expose them for the criminals they are, have them arrested for their crimes by men with the guns who he believes he can bring over to the side of freedom, convict the black robed thugs and either have them hung or shot. He is trying to get us into the proper jurisdiction. He still needs to learn the American Bill of Rights which the Trenchers have figured out.

        1. Oh.
          I thought somebody actually killed his dad, in which case if it was my dad I wouldn’t even be talking to you now because I would have walked through fire to get to them and put a bullet through their f-king head. And then the ones who killed me in the fight that ensued would receive the same treatment from my whole family.
          I have already proved everything he is looking to prove under a superior absolute law and in the end result, we kill them or they kill us and all the good intentions in the world and wishful thinking are not going to change that.
          No offense to you, but this man is thirty years behind. He thinks he knows his enemy but he doesn’t have a clue.
          And I don’t hold your wishful thinking against you, but I promise the day will come you will see the wasted time and wasted resource that could have been taken care of with a single bullet.
          I’m sorry, that’s just reality.

          1. Henry, I had a similar thought before reading your reply, that “he thinks he knows the enemy but he doesn’t have a clue.” What I have come to understand from the Trenches and the daily broadcasts is that the Law of 1791 is the foundation that belongs to each and every individual who knows it well, on which to stand united as individuals. The enemy doesn’t know exactly who knows that law, where they are, and what they are willing to do, to not only uphold it and apply it, but to enforce it. When it comes alive in the mind of all individuals who truly care about freedom and liberty, it will eventually speak for itself.

            Bringing people out into the open in large numbers for any reason plays right into the hands of that enemy. You have made it clear to me that seeing what Christopher James is trying to achieve, to its final conclusion as he sees it being done, is a dangerous waste of everything we could be throwing at it together as individuals under the 10 articles of the only law we have, that really makes it possible.

  3. The Battle for Freedom from oppression has always been endless .. Again i say war is the only answer and i personally am sick of what i see around me!! Just get the fck out my way has been my attitude and it comes naturally.

    1. I am so thankful to the American Trenchers for how they go above and beyond to keep the focus on the Law. Sometimes I stumble over what someone else is doing in the fight for freedom and I really feel it in the gut when I get my ass dragged back to what we should ALL be fighting for, even if where I live in it, I am the only one. Alone. An Individual. Although the truth of the Trenches is hard to take, it is what everyone who cares about the truth, should care to learn, one way or another.

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