12 thoughts on “Poll for the Trenchers

  1. The Trojan Trump has adapted comfortably into his lead roll in the cast of the continuing saga: Puppets of the War Whore Banksters.

  2. I voted “Hell no.” The JewSA needs to learn to stay within its own borders and mind its own damn business.

    If the government insists on spending tons of borrowed/stolen money, they can at least do it on something other than senseless, counterproductive wars. Let them turn the MIC into the Space-Industrial Complex and colonize Mars or something. Then, when the government eventually collapses due to dollar devaluation, at least we’ll have something productive to show for it.

  3. Don’t matter what the maggots and their minions do…let’s get this shit going…I’m getting older…..I feel pain in my limbs…..but i’m still a decent shot and I am MAD AS F’KN HELL……………..Tick tock tick tock….God bless the fighters against tyranny

  4. I voted as close as I could get to “try Trump for treason and toss him into a wood chipper feet first”.

  5. land of the plebes and home of the depraved. now lets go play golf.
    we gotta to straighten this shit out

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