Portland Mayor Scolded for Defending Lack of Police Action Against Leftist Mob


The mayor’s remarks came on the heels of clashes in Portland, in which Antifa members reportedly maced right-wing demonstrators. Left-wing protesters swarmed the city on Saturday after police killed a black man on suspicion of shooting two people.

Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon, voiced his support to city police who had been widely criticized for insufficient response to Antifa violence in the city last week.

“I was appalled by what I saw in that clip and I support the decisions of the Portland Police. I trust them,” Ted Wheeler tweeted, referring to a brawl that broke out between Antifa protesters and right-wing demonstrators in downtown Portland last week.

On Monday, he also proposed new restrictions on protests if the protesters had a history of violence, drawing criticism that such measures would allow him to regulate speech and assembly.

The mayor’s turning a blind eye on reported Antifa violence and supporting passive police response has drawn public condemnation, with people claiming that they were fearing for their safety.


The mayor’s comments came two days after protests flared up in Portland following the death of Patrick Kimmons, a 27-year-old black man who was ostensibly involved in a shooting that left two men wounded and was later gunned down by local police.

According to Fox News and Andy C. Ngo, a Portland-based writer and reporter who filmed the events in Portland streets, leftist protesters have verbally harassed passersby, including a senior citizen, with other demonstrators attempting to direct traffic, while cops on motorcycles were watching from a block away. There have been no reported arrests after the protests yet.

Ngo has uploaded a series of videos showing a violent altercation unfold between Antifa activists and counter-protesters from the right.

In one clip, two mobs can be seen engaging in an across-the-street verbal altercation. A group of masked people chants, “Black lives matter,” a slogan condemning violence towards black people, while members of the Patriot Prayer group shouted “USA,” waving American flags.

According to Ngo, the protests were caught in an upward spiral of violence after a purported Antifa activist sprayed mace on members of a right-wing group, despite the left-wing protesters’ previous statement that they had come there “for justice.”


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  1. Burn that shit to the ground.
    At first glance its appalling and outrageous.
    But a smart man will always let an enemy, destabilize his strong, more entrenched enemy. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.
    Burn that shit pile and piss on the ashes. Maybe they will kill each other. Lol.

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