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Prepping Can Pay For Itself

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Paul Stamets used mushrooms to treat his terminally ill mother. She was denied surgery for breast cancer because the doctors did not think she would survive the procedure. Dr Stamets has a list of  other mushrooms that boost the immune system and one that has promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. If you learned what he has to offer, you would have something that would not only benefit your destination prepping community but also serve as a useful bargaining chip with outsiders if things did go south for a season or two. 

If you knew what Dr Elaine Ingham knew, you could raise crops on land that had suffered a  terrible drought for 27 years. She was a Microbiologist who had attended an international conference where she gave a scientific paper proving that plans made by the US EPA and Monsanto to release an artificial microbe into the wild would have killed all plant life on the surface of the earth. Because no good deed should go unpunished the Chairman of her department fired her early in the morning of her first day back at work. Monsanto did not like her.

Dr Ingham went into business doing soil testing. She tests for the Microbiology of the soil. She can increase crop yields 300% and raise food in droughts. I never heard of mycorrhizal fungi until I started studying gardening seriously. Mycorrhizal fungi brings water and food to the plants roots in exchange for carbohydrates made during photosynthesis.

Dr Stamets supplied the US Army with mushroom spores that enabled them to identify smallpox. Americans under 30 have never been exposed to smallpox even as vaccines so we are susceptible to a fast spreading plague similar to the one that killed American Indians by the millions -if you include Latin America.

Paul Stamets also has been cited as by gardening gurus as having the best method to improve what most would already consider to be great compost.

My main point is that you can make money prepping if you are prepared. Curtis Stone has been teaching young couples how to make $100,000 a year from 2 acres.

I had suggested to a serious prepper who has several channels that it would be a good idea to find one or two young couples to go ahead to the eventual destination and to start raising food. They can soon each be making $100,000 a year if they get experience and listen to the wisdom freely available on the Internet.

Raising worms to create vermi or worm composting is a great idea. But there are 43,560 square feet in an acre and 87,120 in 2 acres. One pound of worms produces one pound of really great vermicompost a day or 365 pounds in a year. But 365 pounds spread over 87,120 square feet is not a lot. Worm populations can double in 60 days unless they are all adult breeders so you might need to buy more than one pound of worms. Videos are available on Youtube on vermiculture.

Hint: Do not let your regular compost pile get up to 160 degrees F (71.1 Centigrade.) Below that temperature the compost is building up the good biology you need. Nematodes eat bad bacteria. Mycorrhizal fungi will bring food and water to your plant’s roots. This is the secret to surviving droughts and bacterial outbreaks. If you let the temps go too high, then you kill the beneficial organisms and allow anaerobic bacteria to multiply. That is not good. Dr Ingham has compost demonstrations and lectures on Youtube.

Curtis Stone Urban Farmer has a Youtube channel.

Paul Stamets has a website at

Dr Elaine Ingham has a website at  Ingham

All three have written books.

I might not be posting for a while because my computer is hacked every two hours by an automated system. It is currently not running at all. I might be moving in a month or so. Not sure about that.

Video Rebel’s Blog

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  1. RT Hawk says:

    Can testify to Stamets (Fungi Perfecti) and his products.
    MyCommunity really helps me! Specially during cold and flu season!
    Heard one of his first interviews, where explained how and why he got into mushrooms.
    Great idea in article above regarding prepping and making money, but if you can only grow mushrooms in a smaller area, or are new, Stamets has kits and roll out mats to begin and help you learn how to’s and types of mushrooms 🙂

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