Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Shaking Foundations

Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul spoke to voters in Washington State Thursday.  In Seattle the crowd was in the thousands.  In Vancouver, another 1000 with 800 turned away for lack of space.  With people of every age in the crowd, Paul described the war in Afghanistan as a fake and a fraud to roaring chants of “Bring them home.”  You would think that such overwhelming grassroots support would warrant at least a little mainstream coverage.  Not a chance.

There were many reporters covering the every movement of President Soetoro, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum, with a lot of slogans being passed back and forth.  I guess it is easier to report on these establishment candidates, as the intense noise accompanying the huge crowds around Dr. Paul make the reporting more difficult.

There will be a recount for all counties in Maine and Washington County will finally be holding its caucus today.  This recount, if not defrauded, will show Ron Paul to be the winner of Maine.  But do you know what you are going to be watching in the mainstream?  Whitney Houston’s funeral.

In hours of total coverage, this mediocre celebrity’s funeral will receive more coverage than John F. Kennedy’s.  You say impossible?  You have to remember television broadcasts weren’t 24 hours back in those days and the results of the recount in Maine need to be buried for at least 24 hours.

The elite want the issue of this election fraud to go away and they are having a hard time understanding why the purchase of this false reality is becoming such a problem.  Our numbers are beginning to overwhelm the situation.  When the cries of foul move from the living room out into the streets, it becomes hard to perpetuate the lie.

The American people of the American race must continue to come out in mass to vote for Ron Paul.  It is hard to cover up our numbers when we make ourselves visible.  It has become an accepted fact that we the patriotic American people control the internet, hands down.  Our enemies, the mainstream reporters, now give short disclaimers after every adverse remark about Ron Paul, pleading with his supporters not to bury them with negative emails.  Hence our numbers are overwhelming our enemies in this arena.

We all need to be as vocal as possible.  We need to strike up conversations everywhere we go and let everyone we encounter know that we support and will be voting for Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and our Constitution.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

I have put up a donate button for our brothers and sisters of the Hutaree Militia who are being held on a bill of attainder and have committed no crime.  They have lost their jobs, their homes, and their freedom.  Their trial has begun and the money is needed for transportation of witnesses and other necessities to accommodate the trial.

These are our people and we need to stand by them as they are our militia who were preparing to stand by us.  They are innocent.  Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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