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7250 ink wellI hear people say all the time that they cannot afford to print large amounts of documents (SHTF PDFs) because ink is expensive.

At my store I print cards, flyers, manuals, pictures and every receipt with my printers. I am able to print thousands of pages (more than a box of paper) a year for less than $100.

The first thing I did was go visit the local Goodwill. Many second hand stores will have similar items. I found a HP C7250 fax/printer/copier. This is an inkjet with fixed ink heads. I also found a HP C5180 copier/printer. You will need to run a self test and a sample print page. These sometimes don’t work or have a clogged nozzle. Return and try again until you find a good one. About $25 is normal.   

HP C7250

Hp C5180

Then a quick ebay search for Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). I purchased the HC2 which works on both of my models. Different models MAY require a different unit so look at the description and match your printer to the cartridge. I picked this up for $39.99.

ciss kit

After following the directions, the ink is set up and ready to try. You will notice the hopper of inks which must be set to the side of the printer and should NEVER be lifted above the internal ink cartridges. Just put the ink well behind the printer. Dress the ink tubes so they flow nicely around the printer and into the front.

7250 ink well

After the printer and the ink, I am in for $65. I also purchased some refill bottles ($20) of ink because I use more than most people. One unit and one set of extra inks is more than I use per year for less than $100.

ink bottles

There is one down side. The ink is NOT water fast. It will run if it gets wet. Not a problem for most things I do but window signs and anything that may get wet (bug out maps) I do need to laminate them. Still less expensive than $40-$60 single color ink heads that only do a few hundred prints.

Give it a try and if you have questions I am happy to help.


9 thoughts on “Print more for less!

  1. Hey NTB thats the same one i have (first one on top). have had it for about 3 years. a computer geek friend found it for me. the bottles have never been refilled, and they were only half full when he set it up for me. The only thing it has trouble with is feeding 5 by 7 photos, so i just don’t use that function. its also wifi. Great machine.
    interesting to see this here. Thanks for the verification.

  2. “There is one down side. The ink is NOT water fast. It will run if it gets wet.”

    I don’t know if that’s really a downside, Nottoobitter, because the cartridge ink runs when it gets wet too. (all except for the black ink)

    1. Some is colorfast.
      The black(from HP) oddly enough is designed to clog the nozzle when it dries. Usually from infrequent use. This means you are off to get a new printer. It was actually done on purpose because people where conserving ink due to the cost. So Hp said “we’ll fix their wagons” and sabotaged their ink.

  3. I have a Canon printer. I bought it specifically because the ink cartridges were fairly inexpensive, compared to the rest.

    Can’t remember the last time I used it, though.

  4. As always , and never fails, I purchase something that works great
    until it needs to be replenished…….
    The printer which I purchased was because of the need to find one
    that had cartridges that lasted longer than one ream of paper.
    I found one, but to my dismay, the ink has a shelf life.
    So I started to run into “expired” cartridges.
    Even when they’re still full.
    ( I don’t do an extreme amount of printing. But I do expect to use the
    entire ink cartridge before I have to replace them. Thanks chip dating.)
    Anyway, I’ve not been able to find reasonably priced cartridges, hence,
    no printing….Until now….
    Thank You ! nottoobitter for the article and it’s info.
    I’ve ordered a ciss kit for my hp pro k5400.
    I love beating the system !

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