Private Sector Pensions Under Attack

This article is for those still fortunate enough to have a job in the private sector who have been waving the banner and shouting the slogans for public pension reform.  We at From the Trenches have been saying for months now that the attack on public pensions is unjust and is being used to divide we the people against one another to the benefit of the corporate elite.

As the theft and corruption in the United States has become cyclical in its operation and as we have told you it would be; now the corporations are asserting that there exists a $435 billion shortfall in private pensions.  And of course all those workers in the public sector, having been betrayed by workers in the private sector, will now support corporate cuts in private pensions saying, “If they can do it us then let them do it to them.

You people working in the private sector or who have already retired there from and are drawing pensions get ready; it is your turn in the barrel.  You see, the money in your retirement accounts has been mismanaged and through this mismanagement has been transferred and made a part of the record profits the corporations have and continue to accumulate through their duplicity.

It is really getting old saying “we told you so” but we did.

Here it is, we will lay it out for you one more time.

The corporate elite are purposefully tearing the United States down with their sole intent being the accomplishment of bringing our population into a condition of abject slavery.  Their methods remain unchanged – move the US industrial base to other countries, gain control of the United States’ raw resources for manufacture in those other countries, destroy the US monetary system through the Federal Reserve’s fiat dollar, then, through the corporate owned propaganda machine, lay the blame for the deterioration on one segment of the middle class and then another, alternating and causing divide and as the people blame one another, continue the theft.

Eventually the country will fall under the weight of the people themselves and in what has to be at this point their wanton ignorance and of course their cowardice.  It is always easier to blame your neighbor who means you harm than to blame the corporate bully who will strike out at you if you stand up in opposition to the further strong arm seizure of your property.

How long this will continue I cannot say but I can tell you this.  It is not going to stop until the American people cease cutting one another’s throats in their efforts to demonstrate loyalty to their oppressors in order to gain an advantage within the confines of the corrupt corporate structure.

All need to realize that our enemies’ intent is to destroy us all, ideally by having us destroy one another.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Private Sector Pensions Under Attack

  1. What this means is I and many other seniors are F*****! It is far too late to try “Plan B.” Old Toby has been worked into the ground, now its time to stuck a needle in his arm (or is it cheaper to put a bullet in his brain?) and throw him in the oven. Don’t forget to over-bill his surviving loved ones for the service.
    With the Puppet Show Media working so hard at making euthanasia of seniors politically correct and the “morally responsible” thing to do, I fear I know my fate!

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