Proof of Zionist cover-up – Explosion occurred “before” train crash

Proof of Zionist cover-up – Explosion occurred “before” train crashNoDisInfo

No wonder the conductor, Francisco Garzon Amo, won’t talk. He has already suffered the consequences of the Zionist mob, even without saying a word. No one has witnessed him saying anything. Moreover, there is no confirmation of the actual events from his employer. All that is heard is make-believe, other than the fact that this is a real rail accident with actual deaths and injuries.  

A number of locals, as witnesses, say the derailment occurred after something high significant: after they heard an explosion or in one case a loud “bang,” in another a loud noise like ‘thunder.” Those are typical statements from hearing concussive explosions, like the explosions at mines or quarries.

Despite this, once again, a person has been accused, judged, and convicted exclusively by the Zionists and their massive, corrupt media machine. Yet, then, there is this as a major dispute (

At the weekend, several colleagues and neighbours of Garzón came forward to defend him, describing him as aresponsible and cautious driver. Eladio Rodríguez, regional head of the transport sector of the socialist General Workers’ Union said: “There have to be causes other than the alleged human error.”

The eyewitness evidence remains in the Google search engine. However, it has largely been purged from the articles.



It would appear that in the majority of the articles the quote about hearing the explosion before the derailment has been purged. Why purge it, unless it is a cover-up by the Zionists for a malicious, premeditated act – an act of murderous terror?

There are still a few references left:



The Zionist-controlled press has done all in its power to purge any reference to the explosion. The use of crisis actors on-site cannot be ruled out, that is if the Zionists had this so well planned in advance that they knew precisely what would happened and needed extra coverage to prevent the revelation of the truth.

People were slaughtered in this act. Yet, every level of fraud, every degree of corruption and deception, must be searched for.

One such crisis actor is Rafael Catala, who was the first to spread the rumors about high speed and driver error as the cause. The name, Rafael, commonly used in the Zionist strip (but also a highly common Spanish name in general): is he a Sephardic Jew? Catalan and similar surnames are commonly used by Sephardic Jews. Is he running cover for the Zionists?

R Catala

(Catala is the man on the far right screen).


It appears that at this time the evidence leans towards sabotage, not human error. Author on the road; will update late tonight, God willing.


7 thoughts on “Proof of Zionist cover-up – Explosion occurred “before” train crash

  1. So if this is true then it would lend to the question, who was on board that they wanted gone. Find out who was killed and if they were important or not.

  2. Being a model railroad enthusiast and watching the video closely, you will notice, that the Engine did not derail, but the passenger car behind the Engine left the track. Normally the Engine would derail first, not the passenger car, unless something (mechanical) or something else was the cause of it. If the Engine made it around the curve, the cars being pulled would follow and not derail.

  3. Would be interesting to know if it derailment started at a track joint. Weakest point & the most easily place to sabotage.

    If the train was traveling at a high rate as reported, the timing would be about correct for the engine to initiate a IED & cause the following car to derail, pulling the engine over. Speculation if the vid is correct speed, mind you.

  4. Ok first off the site “nodisinfo” is full of crap.
    They say that no planes hit the wtc, among other idiotic nonsense which is not even worth the time to read. And they delete any comment which refutes the blather they spew. The site is another israeli disinfo site which caters to the mentally diminished.

  5. A wheel exploded (came apart) and derailed the number 2 car. This train was going stupid fast. Could have been a hit though.

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