7 thoughts on “Proposal by Biden’s Treasury nominee Saule Omarova:

  1. Am I hearing this right? Played it a few times. Is this a crazy communist or what!!? And that last question concerning inflation getting out of hand…

    “How is it politically feasible for The Central Bank to effectively take money away from the peoples’ accounts?”

    I’ll ask her:

    “How is it humanly feasible that a critter such as yourself could even ponder such an idea?” You are skatin’ on thin ice.


  2. Born in Soviet Russia, now could become “Comptroller of the Currency,” OUR currency!! Yeah, it’s all corrupt and there’s partisan b.s. everywhere, but this is so blatant. Here’s a bit more on Omarova, whose last name sounds like “I’m a rover.” Like, “I rove from country to country to bring in communism.”

    A look at Saule Omarova, Biden’s controversial nominee for bank regulator:



  3. You don’t understand ‘Banking”.
    Once you deposit money in a bank, it is no longer yours. It belongs to the bank and you are just another creditor.They will pay you if and when their business plans allow.
    If they go bankrupt, poof, it is gone.
    The moment that your paycheck is deposited it is gone. If you are lucky you will be allowed to draw some of it.
    All bankers understand this. They just don’t talk about it.

    1. Yeah, there’s hardly any real money in the banks, just some computer clicks. But they can “click” us into poverty.


  4. Just a thought… since many military folks bank with USAA, what would these military folks with thousands of dollars in USAA bank accounts do when the Federal Reserve or whatever steals all their money out of their accounts? And we’re not just talking the soy boys of today’s “military” either… believe it or not some men in the military are still manly men (with guns and know how to use them)…. Memo to Creepy Joe–do you really want the manly men still in the US military (who, unfortunately, still think they are in the military to “defend their country” as they only defend the criminal psycho elites) to get so damned pissed off that they’ll be coming after you? (and did you know there are some in the military who actually know whom they are actually defending but will refuse to do so at some point?) Like I said, just a thought…

  5. She is a winner. Been seeing her for about a month now.

    I’m all for the criminal cartel in occupation to make people like her in charge of as much of their cartel as possible. The ’emperor’ has no close. Soylent green is people and Anna Nicole married for love.

    Nobody can sleep through this crap. And scumbags like her make it harder. Which tells me that they are pretending to be asleep. So by virtue part of my enemies support system.

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