Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street

Published on Jan 29, 2014 by publicbankingtv

Our cities are not broke. They are struggling with onerous interest payments to Wall Street bankers who are nothing but middlemen. These interest payments impoverish your communities, while enriching Wall Street. This video shows how municipalities, counties, universities and states can significantly reduce their interest payments by creating their own public bank. This has already been done and proven, and could cut the costs of public projects by at least half.

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3 thoughts on “Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street

    1. there is hope more-so, than not, out there….
      should one take a moment to search for it………
      Negative press from all angles, I believe, is the plan…..
      So by pass that which you can, and search out for the other side and then spread that….
      Smiles, open loving hearts………heal
      And i did not say weakness….
      which is too often gathered with the word Love…..

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