Push Back against Gun Control

It had looked like the commies in the gun control lobby were going to back off, unfortunately they have not.  So each time they spout their treasonous rhetoric we have to shove it back in their face.  Dennis Henigan author of “Lethal Logic”, appearing on a segment of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and using the tragedy in Tucson as a springboard, launched into one of the most illogical attacks upon our 2nd Amendment that I have seen yet.

He stated that the gun issue is never easy but asked that in this case referring to Tucson, “Who can really defend the distribution of 30 round ammunition magazines to the general public?  That allows a degree of extraordinary firepower that you simply do not need for hunting.”

Well, I’ll tell you, commie dirt bag, who will defend it.  I will.  My forefathers did not give me my 2nd Amendment right for hunting, but rather to defend myself from dirt bags like you who think they are going to take over my country and control my every action from the cradle to the grave.

The fact is my government has fully automatic assault weapons with 30, 40, and 100 round clips.  Therefore it is my position that if any action is taken in reference to gun control, I believe all restrictions should be lifted as our government was never meant to possess fire power or any other kind of power that we the people do not have and hold for our own.  It comes back to that same old argument.  If we the people truly empower our government how can we convey powers to them that we do not ourselves retain?

Mr. Henigan went on to assert that the Democratic Party underestimated the NRA’s willingness to work with the government.  On this point he might have been correct as the NRA has been selling out those whom it is supposed to represent, more and more, every day for the past thirty years.  That is why Larry Pratt started Gun Owners of America, and also why that organization has taken the lead in the fight for the 2nd Amendment.

Since the shooting in Tucson there has been a push for more funding for mental health and stronger laws to force individuals into mental health programs whether they want to be there or not.  This is also part of the gun grabber agenda.  You see it works like this.  You get fed up with one of your neighbors, give them a cussing, and offer to whip their ass if they don’t like it.  That neighbor then, to get even with you, files a report declaring you mentally instable.  You are then forced to go to one of the mental health agencies where you are to be evaluated.

Now these people who are evaluating you are basically worthless to society in America as no American wants any other American telling them how to think and how to act.  This is why they have to have corporate mobsters forcing people to procure their services; this being said, realize these people think they have all the answers and can never not find something wrong with every person they talk to.

It has always been my position that any human being who thinks he or she can know the mind of another human being better than they, has to be the epitome of arrogance.  But be assured if you talk to one of these hard core commies they will find something wrong with you and try to force you to take medications that equate to a drug induced lobotomy.  This is why the government loves them so much and is pushing them so hard.

You see if someone can force you or trick you into talking to one of these government boot lickers, the smallest thing such as being politically incorrect will earn you a diagnosis of mental instability.  Once the diagnosis is entered in the record your gun rights are gone and any court in the land can force you to take medications you do not want to take.  This is exactly the methods used by Joseph Stalin and company to persecute political dissent in the Soviet Union.

The fact is those who push mental health are usually those who do not possess it.  Just look at the mass murderer George W. Bush, who caused little children in Iraq to be killed by the hundreds of thousands.  If you look at it logically Bush makes Jared Loughner look like a choir boy.

What a hypothesis.  When a government mass murderer like Harry Truman or George Bush cruelly kills people by the tens of thousands it is called an act of war.  On the other hand when someone like Jared Loughner kills six people in a parking lot it is identified as the deranged acts of a murderer.  The fact is in both instances the perpetrators can only be said to be suffering from the most egregious and degenerative form of mental illnesses.  And let’s not forget that Bush stated that he supported the torture at Abu Ghraib Prison.

Remember those who are trying to sell the people on the idea that your average American is not mentally stable and thus should not have guns are the same people that gave each other high fives after burning alive the children of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas.

The government of the United States is becoming more diabolical every day and thus the need for us to have the means to protect ourselves from them is becoming more crucial in turn.  Remember this old saying for it is true, “Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao were all in agreement in that gun control works.”



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  1. WOW Henry — How do you know all of this? Your articles are so informative. I never really thought about things in the same way that you have but you are always right on the money. I can clearly see the path we are headed if we remain silent and do not unite. If I could just get people to come to our site, I know they would sign for the Nationwide Rally. There is no disputing the facts in your article. What do you think about the President in Tunisia having to flee the country?

    1. Barbara, I think the President of Tunisia is an evil dictator who visited deprivation and tyranny on the people of Tunisia to the point that they just couldn’t stand it any more. But that is just my opinion. If you measure the actions of the Tunisian people against the new standards for mental health being suggested, I guess they would have to be considered paranoid schizophrenics in need of medication and reeducation.

  2. We have people in the White House that need medical evaluations. How they get away from these crazy decisions in beyond insanity. Many of these clowns are carrying concealed right now, but aren’t admitting to it. John Boehners’ emotional responses shown on national television show instability. God knows he could use some help. This man in my opinion is dangerous.

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