Queen Hillary sees “nobility” in Obama’s swap of terrorists for deserter

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Let’s all remember that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, helped Obama set the table for the Taliban Feast now being celebrated across the Taliban’s world and for Vladimir Putin’s blitzkrieg into the Crimea and his incursions into Ukraine. Her seemingly horrible performance may have been completely intentional, more so than we could ever imagine. Yes, I did write “intentional.” Obama wanted to close Guantanamo from the outset and has chaffed over it for 6 years. He could not quite find the right time to make his move. He could not sell Congress on sending the top five terrorist in that prison back home.

Then, in Obama’s twisted mind, a fortuitous event started to play into his desires. Five years ago, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his US Army post in Afghanistan and did not return. Numerous members of his unit and other sources are quite vehemently telling the world that he is a deserter, pure and simple. The plan Obama seems to have laid out to gloss over the VA Scandal of the last couple of weeks and to make his move on closing Guantanamo by swapping those 5 key Taliban leaders for this alleged deserter. He didn’t consult Congress or notify the intelligence community of his move. He just did it over the weekend. Now, it appears we’ve traded the exact 5 terrorists the Taliban wanted returned in exchange for the deserter.

Now, back to Hillary Rodham Clinton! Do you remember that folks were speculating as to why Hillary went to the White House last week to meet with Obama. The money was on it being for plans as to how she would dodge or testify about Benghazi. I can’t avoid the thought, now, that it was about Bengdahl instead of Benghazi. 

Anyway, what is her reaction to this fateful Obama change of prisoners? The Washington Post and the Associated Press report that today she defended President Obama’s decision to trade the those five Guantanamo prisoners for the release of Bergdahl. She danced around a bit, but she deemed the idea a noble one. That tells me that she is in favor of Obama’s quick and frequent willingness to ignore the law of the land, completely bypass Congress, even members of his own party, and then to justify this by telling us about the bad physical condition Bergdahl is supposed to be in. Her inactions and evasive responses regarding the terrorist attack on Benghazi and the deaths of the 4 Americans there, to whom she refused to send relief and rescue, is in perfect keeping with what she and Obama have done here. Protecting political reputations instead of protecting Americans!

Obama seems to know far more about the condition of Bergdahl than any POW in the history of US warfare. He’s learned more from these terrorists about Bergdahls condition, if any of the information was true and not fabricated in the Oval office, than we ever knew about the people in the prison camps of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. How can that be? I cannot help but believe the condition of Bergdahl was greatly fictionalized at the last minute to flesh out this justification to make the swap. We haven’t seen Bergdahl’s likeness, have we? Obama is not into showing us much of anything. Remember when the Seal Team killed Osama Bin Laden? Did we see a picture of Bin Laden’s dead body? No. Obama decided we had to take his word. Then they supposedly rushed to the nearest big pond of water and deep sixed ol’ Osama. Hillary, by saying Obama’s exchange is noble tells me that Hillary would do very much the same, in the same way, if she became president.; she’d lie, fabricate, fictionalize, obfuscate, and insult our intelligence, just as she’s done all these years.

I think Hillary and Obama knew some 5 years ago that Bergdahl could be the magic rabbit in the hat when needed at some future point. I think they knew the exact circumstances of his desertion from the git-go, and figured everyone else would forget. Seems the GIs who were there and lost friends didn’t forget at all.

At least 6, and reportedly up to 14, US soldiers have died trying to find and retrieve Bengdahl following his desertion, but Obama really did nothing but give lip service up until the last 3 days. But there was Bengdahl, available at the strategic point last week, and Obama offered up the key 5 to the Taliban in exchange for him. He wanted rid of those 5 to move forward on shutting Guantanamo, and he wanted to be idolized for bringing home a “hero” who’s turning out to be anything but. So, now Obama is standing there with his skinny backside hanging out. Yet, Hillary’s comments of approval weighed the retrieval of Bengdahl against the release of the 5 terrorist leaders and decided that his retrieval was the noble thing, no matter the far reaching consequences.

How can one argue with the “smartest woman in the World?” The release of this one deserter is more important to her than risking the lives of hundreds or thousands of Americans around the world to attack and being taken hostage. And let’s go beyond the Taliban. This encourages terrorist organizations, their subsets and tyrants around the world to move against the United States and its citizens with impunity. So, last Friday, Obama grabbed Bergdahl, the rabbit, out of the hat, when needed to make his move, in total defiance of the Constitution, Congress, the law and the moral outrage of America.

And, there’s Ol’ Hillary, one of the very first to praise him for his noble” act. If that’s nobility, then I double down that I do not want Queen Hillary even close to the Oval Office. She would definitely be the alter ego of Barack Hussein Obama, a thought too painful to contemplate.

Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD, USAF (Ret)

© 3 June 2014


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