Rabbi Weiss on the United Nations Meeting on antisemitism

Published on Jan 22, 2015 by Neturei Karta

On January 22, 2015, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrating in front of the U.N. Headquarters, in New York City, while the United Nations General Assembly held an informal meeting on the growth of Antisemitism.

7 thoughts on “Rabbi Weiss on the United Nations Meeting on antisemitism

  1. Anti-Semitism has been around a helluva lot longer than the invasion of Palestine, and with damn good reason…

    …the jews are not now, nor have they EVER been Semites.

    That would be the Hebrews.

    1. That Rabbi can say all he wants about the rest of the world hating his stinking, dirty jew boy ass! F*ck ’em. These sons of bitches have done nothing but work towards our demise. So, the next time a jew boy dies and you hear that dime drop out from between the buttcheeks, you’ll know what you need to know about these Zionist jew boys.

  2. In the First Soviet Socialist Government of Russia in 1917, of the 502 highest positions, 467 were held by Jews. Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia how the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians. All the concentration camps, prison camps, torture chambers, were commanded by Bolshevik Jews.
    – “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer…and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive…We do not like to admit that our secular society is based on a cosmic rebellion against God…. – Harold Wallace Rosenthal, former personal assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits.
    – “Lucifer is alive and we are his chosen people” – Mayer Amschel Rothchild.

    Sidney Epstein, Frank Coe, Elsie Fairfax, Rewi Alley and Solomon Adler among other Bolshevik Jews, organized, observed, and directed Mao’s takeover of China and the murder of over 75 million Chinese.

    Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor (Marranos or Crypto- Secret Jew), Volcker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Summers, Emanuel. Boxer, Schumer, Lautenberg, Franks, Feinstein, Lew, Orzag, etc, etc, etc, near all 33 of Obama’s Czars – Who have organized, supported, introduced, financed, and legislated, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, feminism, immodesty in dress, contraception, anti-gun legislation, hate-crimes (to ultimately protect Jews), all financed by Jewish organizations, legal firms, layers, legislators, etc, who have been stealing the wealth of our nation (the Jewish International Banksters). If you do a serious inquiry into the dumbing down of American education, the introduction of immorality into our society, those who have financed this filth and degradation, the Marxist Indoctrination of our country and children in our public schools, look and inquiry closely and you will find Judeo-Freemasonry behind it all.

    As Cecil Roth, the eminent Jewish historian, highly respected by all Jews, wrote that if the goi (goyim or gentile = cattle) ever found out what we teach in the Talmud, they would exterminate us without mercy, the absolute satanic hatred for Christ, Christianity and all non-Jews.

    Near 90% of all spies have been Jews. These Jewish spies, and Israel, after stealing our military and industrial secrets, have been caught selling them to Russian and China, our enemies. Over 100 countries and thousands of cities, kingdoms, towns and provinces have expelled the Jews for treason, subterfuge, massive usury, assassinations, and outright murder, unfortunately, like will be in our case, only after they have committed their crimes. The perfidious Jew is like a leech, who sucks the blood of his host until they have their fill or no blood is left.

    The Jews:
    – “They please not God and are contrary to all men” – Thess 2:15. Meaning they are enemies of all mankind
    – Gratez: Jewish historian writes – that the hatred of the Jews was the unanimous teaching of all the Church Fathers.
    -Matt: XXIII: 33-37: hypocrites, full of iniquity, foolish, blind, unclean, full of extortion an excess, serpents, generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell, you killed the prophets, wise men and scribes.
    – John: VIII: 44-49: you are of your father the devil, ye are not of God, ye dishonor Me.
    Apocalypse: 2:9 3-9: Synagogue of Satan – which is a Divine description.
    – In the Old Test: Many of the prophecies of Osee and others, condemn the Jews as enemies of God.
    – Moses, warns the Jews, that if they keep the commandments, the whole world will acknowledge them and there integrity to be above all, but if they do not, which they did not, they would suffer Gods curse till the end of the world.

    The Jews are the enemy of all mankind, as St. Paul says, and the Muslim Infidels are the enemy of all of Christianity and the world also. The perfidious Jew does his treachery and treason in secret for the most part, the Muslim does it in public.

  3. This guy is a REAL JEW….. and I’ll guarantee that he can trace his ancestry right back to one of the original twelve tribes of Israel.

    They’ve been persecuted by the Zionists as much, if not more than any of us.

    1. Maybe back to Israel, JR, but the jews were NEVER part of the twelve tribes.

      Descended from Esau (as opposed to Jacob) the jews were a separate race – usurpers of Israel.

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