Zionist hand revealed: Rothschild family had purchased Charlie Hebdo in December 2014

ImageMedhaj News – by Vanessa Beeley

According to revelations from a very credible Dutch Business magazine, Quote, on the 9th January, and confirmed by German Newspaper Neopresse on 19th January, Charlie Hebdo was sold to the Rothschild family in December 2014.

It appears that this acquisition was the subject of heated discussions among family members according to the Baron Philippe de Rothschild, who recently gave an interview to Quote magazine published in January.  

“There was a discussion concerning the acquisition that was completed by my uncle Baron Edouard de Rothschild” Philippe said. “Certain family members wanted to prevent the purchase, because they felt the purchase of this daily publication would be seen as giving us political influence.  We wanted to avoid that at all costs.  We do not want to be seen to be involved in politics, at least not in such a transparent way!  In the end the family reticence was overcome”

Baron Philippe Rothschild informed Quote that the acquisition of Charlie Hebdo was finalised in December 2014.

It is clear that it was not met with approval by the whole family in the `underworld’, but it is also clear that the problem lay with the high profile nature of this purchase.  As Philippe explained, the Rothschild family does not wish to meddle in politics “at least not overtly”!

The problem it appears, was that purchase of Charlie Hebdo would bring the Rothschild’s subversive involvement to the surface.

It does not need much imagination to create a link between this purchase only weeks before the attack on the daily satirical media outlet that was already a known Zionist platform for hate speech. 

Let us not forget that since the attack, the magazine is rumoured to have received 20 million euros from the Government and its sales have boomed exponentially.

It is maybe the same way of thinking that would lead us to question the sale of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre  to Larry Silverstein in the summer of 2001, followed by their destruction in an alleged “terrorist” attack in  September of the same year. Particularly as it is known now that Silverstein changed the terms of his insurance to cover unexpected terrorist attacks only six weeks before the attack.

This information cannot be presented as categorical proof of Zionist involvement in the Charlie Hebdo attacks but it must make us think and consider all possibilities.  It must most certainly make us question the mainstream media narrative that is already so full of anomalies.  

Vanessa Beeley, International Correspondent, Medhaj News


4 thoughts on “Zionist hand revealed: Rothschild family had purchased Charlie Hebdo in December 2014

  1. Figures there’d be a Rothschild hand in the affair. Looks more and more like a setup. More chaos, more internal violence. This has become the worldwide condition whereby the NWO can be instituted.

  2. -How interesting!
    That family surname comes up an awful lot… it reminds me of their involvement in the “Revolution”, where the Freemasons sold us all out to the “Federal” Reserve. (also, most subsequent major wars came about just when their bank charters were up for renewal)

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