Rage Against the Propaganda Machine

In fighting the battle against the mainstream propaganda machine, the task can sometimes seem overwhelming because every incursion on the truth must be met head on and turned away.  In having to counter punch, it slows down the drive to stay on the offensive.  One must understand that the mainstream does not consist of individual reporters seeking to reveal facts in an effort to inform the public.  The fact is the propaganda machine is just that.

CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, FOX Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX News, NBC, CBS, and ABC are all a part of the attempt to create a false reality that will allow the continuance of the status quo.  At any hour of the day you can go from one broadcast that is supposed to be far left to another broadcast that is supposed to be far right, and hear the same dialogue, almost word for word, in sync, and with the same spin towards the same conclusion.

If there was truly a divide between the left and right it would make sense for the left to attack Ron Paul as he is, in the true reality, the greatest threat to a second round of Obama.  But then we see the so called right working in consort with the left, in trying to assure that Ron Paul does not become the GOP nominee.  And the reason why is quite simple.

Once you dismiss the false left-right paradigm, the internationalists at the top of the pyramid giving the orders are consolidated and united in their shared goal to maintain the status quo that perpetuates their power.

So what have we been missing this week while having to put our effort to exposing the consolidated propaganda move to divide the American people through race, using the Trayvon Martin shooting?

Well it has become clear that despite the mainstream lies, the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty is not only thriving, but gaining momentum, as in the real world, Dr. Paul continues to stack up delegates in a proportion that the mainstream propagandists can only address with the most blatant of lies.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is gathering its forces as it is being forced to realize the true extent of the treacherous police state.  Again, the mainstream propagandists are making sure the outrages being committed against these patriotic American citizens of every age, both genders, all religions, and all pigments of skin are completely removed from the evening news that too many brain dead Americans allow to create their reality.

There is a great fear in our enemies, as of the writing of this article, as everything they try is failing miserably.  Which brings us full circle as the reason they are failing is because of the internet.  We have become powerful enough to shatter their false reality and this is why in the very near future I think we are going to see scaled up attacks on our communication through the internet.

I have noticed that as every new propaganda blitz is launched against us, it is being accompanied by either presidential executive orders designed to further dismantle our Constitution or further incursions on our rights on the internet.  This being said, every time our enemies push we must push back a hundred times harder.  We must meet their subtle incursions with out and out contempt.

We must continue come out for Dr. Paul in overwhelming numbers and let our enemies know that the election fraud they are committing is not going to sway us.

The Occupy Movement needs to occupy every port in the US this summer.  The flow of the spice must stop.

On every occasion we are going to continue to demand the arrest and prosecution of those who have been robbing us blind for a hundred years.  We will continue to demand the return of our stolen property and let these international carpet baggers know that every day they try to ignore us equals another day closer to their destruction.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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