Raging, and Apparently Drunk Deputy, Pulls Gun on Innocent Men, Threatens to Shoot

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

West Palm Beach, FL — A disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week showing a deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office pull a gun on three innocent men who were doing nothing wrong. The incident has since sparked an investigation by the West Palm Beach Police Department. 

The person who submitted the video to us wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. He tells the Free Thought Project that the driver of the car in the video is his brother and when the officer approached him, they had done nothing wrong.

As the video shows, however, this cop was on a rampage.

“Get the f–k out of here,” the unidentified deputy yells before threatening the young men. “If I see you down here again tonight….guess what will happen.”

“What’s gonna happen?” the driver asks.

“Get the f–k out of here! Now!” the deputy repeats. “What the f–k to you think will happen asshole?” he says before tapping his pistol on the man’s car. “What do you think? Get the f–k out of here now!”

The deputy then walks off and the video ends.

A cop watcher who runs a First Amendment auditing YouTube channel just so happened to be in the area when all of this was happening, so he filmed the rest of the encounter.

The gentlemen in the car immediately reported the incident to police and showed them the video. Nearly a dozen police officers were involved in the report as they told the cop watcher to get back from the scene.

According to the driver of the vehicle, they were simply driving downtown when this raging deputy approached them. He then immediately pulled out his badge and gun and began to threaten them. This is also shown on video.

The man who gave TFTP the video said his brother smelled alcohol on the deputy’s breathe when they were stopped. It is also quite apparent from the video that the deputy appears to be slurring his speech as he yells and threatens the young men.

The driver says that the deputy likely approached him because he “was an old school modeled vehicle with rims and young black men were occupying the vehicle.”

“This is disgusting and it only extends the fear that black people have for police officers,” he said.

Indeed. When raging cops think that their badge gives them the ability to order innocent people around and threaten their lives with a loaded weapon, something has gone seriously wrong.

The Free Thought Project has attempted several times to contact the PBSO to identify the deputy but they have not returned our messages.

According to the West Palm Beach police, however, they are now investigating the incident after the victims reported the deputy pulling a gun on them.

Despite video of the deputy assaulting innocent men with a deadly weapon, the cop watcher’s video shows he was questioned by officers and allowed to leave — in his $100,000 Porche 911. An unidentified woman drove the deputy home, likely because he was intoxicated.

Also, despite the video of assault with a deadly weapon, official oppression, issuing deadly threats, and damage to property, the deputy — who drives a $100,000 Porche — was not fired and is on paid administrative leave, according to the West Palm Beach Police……pending the outcome of the investigation, naturally.

Below is the video of the deputy’s threats that was submitted to TFTP and the aftermath which was filmed by the the Citizen Warriors YouTube channel.

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One thought on “Raging, and Apparently Drunk Deputy, Pulls Gun on Innocent Men, Threatens to Shoot

  1. So somehow this guy gets to keep his guns yet if any everyday american did this they would basically be swatted and then have their guns stolen. So sick of this standard of rights for me but not for thee.

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