10 thoughts on “RAW FOOTAGE of Philip Ney All-candidate Meeting Arrest

      1. It was “pre-submitted” but it did sound like “pre-semitic”…thanks to a few very very loud incidences in my late youth (including very loud rock concerts and firecrackers thrown at me), my hearing has been bad for years! For me it was the first to go!

    1. Reminds me of an episode of “That 70s Show” where Eric Forman and buddies, including the Tommy Chong character, go into Canada to buy Molson’s beer, and then head back and are stopped at the border, Canadian side, and have the Hispanic (forget his name) character with them so they stop him (and this sorta thing happened to me with friends as well many years ago). They see the beer and have underage folks with them.

      So the Mountie guy asks them–“What are you doing in Canada?”

      Chong replies–“What are YOU doing in Canada?”

      No beatings, no “resisting arrest,” etc. I know several folks who were “arrested” and beat up for
      “resisting arrest” and this was in the early 90s! (In, where else? Texas).

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