Registering Gun Owner and their Guns Like Sex Offenders is an Outrage that Must End!

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Washington, DC—Creating lists of law-abiding Americans with firearms has no benefits whatsoever.  Guns are almost never left at crime scenes and when they are learning the legal owners identity is usually meaningless because the offender is either captured or killed.

There are two U.S. Supreme Court cases that make it clear that persons precluded by law from owning firearms cannot be forced to register their guns or face prosecution when they don’t.  Registration violates their rights against self-incrimination.

We all saw the recent fallout from the names and personal information being published by a Leftist newspaper trying to somehow shame gun owners.  That list also told every thug, rapist and killer where to find unarmed and helpless victims.

Proponents of registration schemes claim that gun registration is harmless and no different than drivers and automobile licensing.  They’re dead wrong because driving or owning a car is not constitutionally protected activity.  The license to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment!  I should add that charging citizens a fee  to exercise their right to keep and bear arms is no more lawful that the Poll Taxes of the Deep South.

Canada had a gun registry for decades that was incredibly expensive, wasteful and ineffective.  They finally saw the light and jettisoned it for good.  Remember Canada has no express right to own firearms like America does.

Gun rights are set aside for combatting government tyranny and for self-defense.  We should not be relegated only antique or ineffective arms for this purpose.  The U.S. Supreme Court called the suggestion that the Second Amendment only protected the kind of muskets that were available at the time of its promulgation frivolous in the recent Heller case.  The Heller case really covers the M-4/AR-15 and magazine capacity issues adequately. 

Registering gun owners like sex offenders and felons serves no purpose except to harass and infringe on the rights of your fellow Americans.  That is in itself unlawful.

We must also remember the millions of soldiers buried in veteran’s cemeteries that gave their lives so we could have the freedom and liberty that Barack Obama and his cronies are trying to take from Americans.  Millions of us are ready to take up arms to defend those rights like the Minutemen of our Revolutionary War once again. Please, let’s not force gun owners to take to the streets to protect their Constitutional rights again.  The fact is that we will if that becomes necessary because of any act of war against Americans by tyrannical government actions.

The very politicians and bureaucrats that are pushing this oppression will be the very first targets for armed resistance.

3 thoughts on “Registering Gun Owner and their Guns Like Sex Offenders is an Outrage that Must End!

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Although I find the thought of sex-offenders instinctively repulsive,.. the fact is, MOST sex offenders are convicted while the husband is in a drawn out legal battle (divorce is typical),.. &/or when the gov’t feels the need to destroy a persons credibilty or history, and also from females that simply lie for a myriad of reasons,.. the least being some form of exhortation.

    I have personally seen how cops, prosecutors and DA’s bend facts, hide evidence, and simply manufacture evidence as needed.

    The real purpose is to:,… (drum roll please…) FEED THE LEGAL SYSTEM!! (Ta-DAaaaa!!!,… horns blaring….)

    Believe it or not,.. our “Justice System” is actually corrupt (OOHHH!!…. grasps the crowd).

    Sex-Offenses are actually one of the best ways the court system has come up with to incarcerate, &/or destroy the lives of innocent people, as the mere suggestion of that kind of charge becomes the evidence!

    I am NOT defending those who are actually guilty,.. I am speaking of those who have been abused and railroaded by our InJustice System using this great new gimmick they have developed over the last 10+ years,… (about the same amount of time as DHS and the TSA).

    I can not convey how many innocent peoples lives I have seen destroyed just here in Nazi-Jersey using this mechanism,.. I can only imagine its widespread use across the whole country.

    Point: Public posting of these people,.. like gun owners provides no actual value whatsoever, and if someone trully is a sex-pervert that attacks kids at any given chance,.. then why the hell do they let him/her out of prison to begin with?

    This gov’t has become monstrous in its intent and methods,… publicly disgracing people is just another symptom of that sickness.

    JD – US Marines – Wholly appalled by virtually every aspect of our gov’ts activities at this point.

  2. “The very politicians and bureaucrats that are pushing this oppression will be the very first targets for armed resistance.”

    This is my favorite statement in the entire article. I concur 100%. This is as it should be.

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