Report from Kathy in Newtown, Connecticut

Kathy sent me the following report and with her permission I am posting it.

There has been a rumor and now confirmed this morning by “the media” if you can call them that!

There was one little girl in the class that was totally executed that was not shot at all.  She was covered in the blood of her classmates and she PLAYED DEAD!  She came out alive.

I have also seen – yesterday – a state police Mack truck vehicle removing “containers” – I was driving the opposite way, and there was a brand new shiny white Mack truck.  The unusual thing from the front is that it had two “parking” lights, one red and one blue, I thought police vehicle, because of the colors, and they were not flashing, but they do!

So as it drives past me, it says on a seal on the door “Connecticut Task Force” and it is a full size Mack style truck and it is towing a large container, deep blue solid color, that is about 1/2 or maybe a 1/3 of the size of a full size tractor trailer.  It’s plate was 56-340.

I was also “lucky” enough to pass the medical examiner on Saturday when they removed all the bodies (not the shooter or the mother they said) and he was in a suburban type vehicle with “medical examiner” on the door and he was towing a very large shiny white metal trailer, like a fancy 1/3 of a container, like what high end vendors travel to expos with – his plate was 562 299.

I was lucky to see these things, I had NO time to get a photo, the traffic is crazy and both times I was driving alone.  I looked for a picture of either and could not find (funny since the media is camped out on every corner there and have cameras fixed on everything driving by).  whoops.

Two funerals have driven by my house already this morning, for to go…..

I wanna get in told before it gets fuzzy.

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4 thoughts on “Report from Kathy in Newtown, Connecticut

    1. I have a T-shirt with that very Scripture on it.

      So Kathy, do you know if any of the “funerals” were/are open casket?

      Just curious.

      VERY curious.

    1. I saw a fat POS CT cop trying to blow smoke up my @ss.

      These NWO scum are like vampires, they fear the light – of day – and of truth.

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