5 thoughts on “Restoring our Republic

  1. 1. “…How does one assert their rights?” answer .308.

    10. “What are you going to do about it? answer .308

    1. we must come together as a single people under our law of December 15th 1791 and kill everyone of these treasonous motherf@#kers, are Bill of Rights is a supreme Superior unalienable law it is our jurisdiction they, can write whatever they want on a piece of paper and die with it in their hands they will not take our country we will not allow it, we’ve allowed too much already that’s why we’re in the position we’re in it’s time to destroy these moterf!@kers once and for all.

  2. I agree with you Henry, no other way out of this. I don’t know that we can wait for significant numbers to come together. I have tried for years to get others to come together both in a peaceful awakening and now in preparation for battle, with minimal success. And at 63 years of age I find that the younger ones are either clueless regarding what is really happening or just cowards, and many older ones are hoping to finish their remaining years evading/avoiding the fight. It may sound like a suicide mission but IMHO Individuals are going to have find the context and courage to get busy and start handling business. Who and what should we be waiting on? With both young children and grandchildren I find it unacceptable to leave them with this mess. I hope your finding the strength to stay in the fight.

    1. Alot of us are starting to reach the age of 60 and now we ARE the Law along w/ The Bill of Rights!. Will be a tough road ahead stay strong!!!

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