0 thoughts on “Revolution Against Bilderberg Accelerating

  1. we need to get as much information to the American public as possible before the 2012 candidates for president are selected .

  2. The Patriot Action Network is almost completed and I will then have the ability to blog and reach thousands of people. I have Daniel Estulin’s book on the Bilderberg Group and Shadow Masters. I can’t get this all out of my head. I believe the only way to stop them is to expose them. I feel the United Nations Millennium Project is also a Bilderberg plan that seems to be moving their goal for One World Governance faster in the guise of helping the poor and saving the planet. After all, what moral person wouldn’t want to feed the poor? They need to be exposed and quickly!
    I don’t have the money to travel around but I will do whatever I can to pass on information and try to convince people that The Bilderberg Group is the real cause of the situation in the world today.

  3. This secretive group, composed mainly of unelected people but with strong association with those in “power” seek self aggrandisment and power. The need to control seems to have overridden any aspect of humanity to others in less auspicious situations. The dictum of “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely ” is steadfastly ignored.

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