Right Before USSR’s Collapse, Here’s What Grocery Shopping Looked Like

(YouTube/screenshot)Epoch Times – by Jack Phillips

A video shows a rare glimpse of life in the Soviet Union right before it collapsed.

The footage, uploaded a few years ago on YouTube and LiveLeak, apparently was recorded in the mid-1980s. The LiveLeak video claims the footage was taken in 1986.  

The video was captured at a store, which was not named, in Moscow.

“I’m not sure when this was filmed.. I visited Russia several time on productions,” said the YouTube uploader, adding: “I was amazed by the condition of the country…

“The people are some of the most hard working, industrious, talented you will ever find. But they are in a system where you’re not reward[ed] for your hard work… I hope it’s much better now!”

As the video shows, the grocery store and atmosphere look drab, and it shows people waiting in long lines.

The Soviet Union was formally dissolved on Dec. 26, 1991.






One thought on “Right Before USSR’s Collapse, Here’s What Grocery Shopping Looked Like

  1. You all should see Russian Super Markets now. They are not unlike any you would see in Germany for example. They have a lot of Bazaars, or flee markets as well. They don’t use credit cards. They pay cash for everything. They have a thriving middle class now and are coming up fast. Most Americans would be amazed just how free enterprise those people are.

    The bankers want to destroy the world if they can’t dominate all of it. What do they call it? The “Samson Option”?

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