Right Wing and Left Wing Socialists Unite in Opposition to American Nationals

left rightSo called immigration reform legislation is supposed to be introduced this week, which will be designed to legitimatize the socialist insurgent forces that have invaded the United States across our southern border.  The insurgents within the US government are coming at us from a new angle in trying to convince we Americans to further turn over control of our country to foreigners.

For the past forty years, the false left-right paradigm has been used to screw the American people through controlled opposition and the blame game.  The fact that the communist infiltrators do not have the numbers to implement full socialism in the US has become blatantly clear as their so called opposition, the false right Republicans, are now saying out of the side of their mouths that they must support the Latino communist invaders or their party will cease to exist. 

Last year the insurgent Obama implemented an amnesty for millions of invaders through an executive order, which was an open and blatant act of treason.  He committed the act because the amnesty he wanted for his grass root insurgent forces from the south could not be legislated, as despite lies to the contrary, we American nationals not only do not want further amnesties, but want the invasion force from the south driven out.

The enemies from within have tried so hard to make themselves appear as more than what they are.  The idea has been all along for a civil war in the United States wherein we the American nationals kill one another in a conflict to decide whether our Republic will be replaced with soviet socialism or neo national socialism.

The insurgents have failed in their anticipation as to the unrest that they have agitated, as a majority of us have opted for a return to our Constitutional Republic and a war against socialism.  Thusly, the false left-right paradigm is shattering as the false left and false right are uniting in a last ditch effort to stop we American nationals from eliminating socialism from our country all together.

We are the many, they are the few and they know it.  The uniting of the false left with the false right will cause no bolstering in the ranks of our enemies, as they have always been united behind the scenes.  But what we will see is the doubling of the propaganda towards their main goal, which is the disarmament of the American people and our replacement with a third world peasant work force.

It is time for the American nationals to get it through their heads that there is no conservatives, no liberals, no progressives, no neo-cons, no Democrats, no Republicans.  There is only we American nationals, standing in opposition to the one world socialist movement that has infiltrated our government.

8 thoughts on “Right Wing and Left Wing Socialists Unite in Opposition to American Nationals

  1. This is a good article, and the author makes an important point here.

    People should stop identifying themselves as “Republicans” or “Democrats” (or any of the other labels) and start identifying themselves as “American Nationals” if ever asked about their party affiliation. (unless of course, you happen to be a commie, in which case you should get the hell out of here real soon)

    Doing so will help to undermine the false left-right opposition they work so hard to keep us penned up inside of. If we bust out of their labels they’ll lose their effectiveness at keeping Americans divided over things that don’t really matter.

  2. The time has come-
    Sadly, Americans are the most ignorant people on earth, by design- The governments use of secrecy, coupled with the subservient media have conspired to dumb down the population to the point where we only need to know who gets to dance with the stars, not who is wiretapping our telephones-
    If you are not already armed, stocked up and have a plan of action, then you and the hundreds of millions just like you, are doomed indeed-

  3. Yea the socialists are working with their illegal immigrant amnesty plan, all right. They just gave drivers licenses to illegal immigrants in Illinois to make it easier for them. Are YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!!!??? What part of “Illegal” do they not understand? THEY SHOULD BE IMPRISONED AND SHIPPED OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!! UGH!!!

  4. Guerilla war is how we won the FIRST revolutionary war against a superior force, and it’s how we will win it again.

  5. I For one am sick and DAM tired of being asked via a friggin recorded voice if I want to speak English in my own dam country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nationalism is a crime against humanity exceeded only by the filthier crime against humanity known as internationalism.

  7. I am American, was born in my grandmother’s house by a doctor who made house calls. My father died as a result of his service in the US Army. We thought the fight was Defending the Constitution. We the Human People of the Untied States have the ability to do our own research with instant communication via cell phones and internet. We must look beyond today’s emotional headlines and use some common sense to discover the real issues from which we are being distracted.

    USA is among the last countries still enjoying some economic prosperity, which will soon come to an end for everyone except the “elite” if our Constitutional Rights continue to be infringed, What We the Human People of the USA have been able to salvage is now easily GIVEN to the many illegal non-citizens who are more than willing to take everything they can get at the expense of all the oppressed citizens who are already suffering from lack of employment and homelessness. We must be careful to take care of Americans First and protect our own Human Citizens against ALL ENEMIES Foreign and Domestic.

    There comes a point where this LifeBoat can not support every human on the Planet who wants to escape consequences of poor economic times. This Life Boat is sinking and for any of us to survive will take a lot more discipline, a lot less emotional response to the hardships and violence of the few domestically and more attention to the health and safety of the We the Human People Untied States of America.

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