Romney or Obama – All You have to do is Believe

So how do you minimize an outrage as enormous as the blatant election fraud perpetrated upon we the people through the GOP Primary and Caucus process?  Well it is actually very simple.  You put forth a couple of other enormous outrages, which represent a greater disenfranchisement of the people, like the Supreme Court affirmation of Obamacare and the ignoring of the Congressional Contempt charges against Eric Holder.

And just like that, election fraud is not only shoved to the back burner, but in the course of the melee, the people turn their intent away from the restitution of the Republic and Constitution and shift it to a perceived revenge upon Obama and company via the election of the international socialist elitist traitor Mitt Romney, as he is saying he will overturn Obamacare upon becoming president.

Is there really anyone out there stupid enough to fall for this sleight of hand?  Your brains are still functioning, at least to a degree that will allow you remember that Obamacare was copied from Romneycare, aren’t they?  Remember, that the fact that Romney passed the individual mandate in Massachusetts was going to be used against him in response to his attacks on Obamacare.  And now this is completely turned around?

I have seen the idiots out there pushing Romney as the answer to Obama, the so called conservatives who are now trying to convince the rest of us to vote for Mitt Romney to protect us from the health care mandates he initiated and gun control which he advocated for and signed into law in Massachusetts.

And what is the big deal if Romney is elected and steps up and does not abolish Obamacare and then maybe even strengthens it?  Would it really be a surprise?  Let’s get real here.  This is just campaign rhetoric and everybody knows that campaign rhetoric should not be taken seriously.  Isn’t this what Obama said when he strengthened the Patriot Act that he had promised to repeal while on the campaign trail?

The majority of us are not falling for this obvious deception.  But the fact that we understand what is happening in our country will not matter until we begin to take real decisive action in removing this illegitimate socialist insurgent government.  And this feat will not be accomplished through the election of the next traitor to be standing in line for their chance at a four year gulp into the corporate money trough.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Romney or Obama – All You have to do is Believe

  1. The entitled ones are always entitled to take our wealth, to take our liberty and to kill us if we obstruct their entitlement.

    Long before we were born our parents were stupid and long before they were born their parents were stupid. In fact we come from a very long line of stupidity. No doubt we will pass this legacy on to our children and to their dumb children.

    Our modern pastor is the main stream media and we devote on average six hours each day listening to the the pastors message to us. The pastor’s message is always that of the entitled ones for the continuation of their entitlement over us.

    We even get excited about the election of the next political prostitutes for the entitled ones even though they are not for the people.

    The RomneyObama anagram is Probably a Moron at least this refers to the people that vote for these prostitutes for the entitled ones against the people.

    Ron Paul for the people or let there be no election.

    1. David2

      Good points. The point I like the best is the one about 6 hours a day watching the idiot box. If we can put a stop to that, we might have a chance. I believe that this is starting to happen believe it nor not. Many people have thrown their $900 dumb me down boxes out the window and have turned to sites such as this for their information and entertainment if you want to call it that.

      There is so much trash on television that it has become unbearable to watch. Especially having to stomach ass wipes such as Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. Over paid morons who have helped to destroy this country for their own personal gain.

  2. @ Mark Schumaker-NV

    Agree, The main Stream Media is the modern day Pastor to the dumbed down flock, do not blame the flock taking in the message with such blind belief, long before they were born their parents were stupid and long before that their parents were stupid. We all come from a very long line of stupidity, it is the cross we bear.

    However, look at the Main Stream Media, it is the Pastor to the people it is only the messenger though, we need to ask ourselves the question – who does the messenger work for and then focus 100% of our attention on these love childs, these are the masters, the entitled. Ask WHO they are, ask WHY they are able to take our wealth, our liberty and our lives if we ever threaten them, ask HOW do they operate and ask WHEN DO WE WAKE UP!

    Do you ever ask after the 3 million orphans in Iraq all due to the use of our weapons, the children of Libya now living in hell due to our weapons, the six million Palestinians living in a getto concentration camp walled in and deprived of aid by our special friends the Israeli chosen ones paid for and armed to the tits with our supplied nuclear weapons while Iran according to the main stream media our Pastor in all matters of the entitled ones is seen as the threat.

    How stupid do you think our children will be and then what about their dumb children.

    Ron Paul or no election!

  3. Why bother voting?

    TPTB give us their choices!! NOT OURS. If the Republicrats allowed a fair race Ron Paul would have been the nominee not “I went to the Bilderbergers meeting Romney”!

    Really why bother

  4. We are living on the brink of civilization, look at our courts, our politicians, our money and banking, our wars, our education, our children’s musicians, our media.

    The past is here and the future is nowhere on our present path to hell on earth. The system is not worth saving.

    It is up to each of us to understand, be brave and rid the yolk from our oppressors.

    Time is running out for civilization.

  5. Same thing in Australia, but they’re using the carbon tax. Gillard get’s it in, Abbott vows to remove it. The puppet shows are getting really boring.

    Live off the land, not society. 😉

  6. Between the two of them (as little as the difference is), Obomber is the slightly lesser of 2 evils – at least he has not (yet) nuked Iran and Syria, thereby starting war with Russia and China.
    (This is probably why the brownshirt media are heavily backing Adolf Romney this year.)

    As for Adolf Romney repealing Obamacare, chances are he will just modify it: He will keep the bad parts (like forcing it down everyone’s throat) while throwing out the few good parts (like disallowing greedy insurance companies to reject an applicant because he has been sick before).

    That’s why they designed the it so the bad parts are in force immediately and the good parts don’t actually benefit anyone before 2014 – gives them plenty of time to repeal all that’s good about it before it actually occurs, while having the “benefits” of the bad parts immediately.

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