Ron Paul Can’t Lose – The Alternative is Unacceptable

As Ron Paul sits poised to win in Iowa, the message coming out of the mainstream propaganda machine is that even if Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination, he cannot beat Barack Obama, and they sport their polls as the absolute proof thereof.  But wait a minute, didn’t their polls say Ron Paul not only could not win the GOP nomination, but indeed they said he was a non-contender who would not win a single caucus?  Could it be that the American people of the American race have decided they will not be pushed like a herd of cattle by the elitist propagandists anymore?

It is like this, people.  A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for a war in Iran and the completion of the destruction of our nation.  How does the song go?  You’re a grand ole flag, you’re a high flying flag, and forever in peace may you wave.  What a farce.

Growing up in the United States we are taught as children that we are a peace-loving nation and that we are champions of peace and human rights, and all the while it is war after war after war.  Maybe it is time for the hypocrisy to end as we the people of the United States, having been involved in perpetual war literally since our country’s inception, are sick of war.

The neo-cons are trying to put forth the assertion that Ron Paul cannot best Barack Obama.  This is the biggest idiocy yet.  Just imagine Obama trying to argue the Constitution with Ron Paul.  The truth the neo-con war loving pigs do not want to shine front and center is that they, as a part of the industrial war complex, count on dead US soldiers for their bread and butter.

Both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have made it abundantly clear that if they are elected there will be an invasion into Iran.  And mark my words; any such invasion will lead to a world war and billions of dead people.

I don’t have to ask the question, “Is this what we really want?” because I already know the answer.  We the people want peace; we don’t need any more dead soldiers.

Ron Paul’s base of support is not an isolated group.  It is the American people,  This is our last chance to avoid bloodshed.  We must come out in overwhelming numbers and make any attempt at defrauding the elections impossible.  We must let these neo-con war pigs know that we will no longer allow them to sacrifice our sons and daughters to feed their insatiable greed.

These neo-cons are sick in the head and we will stop them.  And Barry Soetoro, you soviet socialist worm, you will go down in history like Benedict Arnold did.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. ABC news is currently reporting that Newt Gingrich leading with 26% followed by Romney. Ron Paul was not even mentioned. It’s beyond painfully obvious that the elite are going to try ramming these two scumbags down our throats. They can try all they want to hide the fact that Ron Paul is leading Iowa and many other states, they’re just tightening the noose around their own necks!

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