0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Heroically Stands Up to Chris Matthews

  1. When Chris says that being president is a complicated job, what he fails to say within his high speed mumbo jumbo is that they have chosen to make it a complicated job. They have chosen to intervene in social issues and take position, they have chosen to send our armies into harms way to fight the bankster wars. In essence they have been sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong and has no right to be all at the expense of human life and suffering….. so of course under those circumstances it’s going to be a very complicated venture. If they would just refrain from this behavior, return to the principals under which that office was created, turn their backs on the big money machine as all politicians should be doing and truly represent the peoples interests as prescribed under our supreme law, then maybe…..just maybe it might not be so complicated.

  2. Chris Matthews was totally rude, disrespectful and does not act like an American! He did’nt even give 75 year old Ron Paul a second to respond to his remarks or questions how rude can someone possibly be!! He even disrepects his own father in his comments.. a true American bloodsucker!

    1. Ken,

      That individual is the quintessential pompous ass. He doesn’t respect anything but his own image. Isn’t he the “thrill up my leg” guy?

    2. what do you expect he’s paid by the corporate elite he’s a true scumbag sellout just like the rest of the media hey casey anthony murder trial is more important than 30million people going broke and homeless

  3. I would embarrass any media person interviewing me that way, and I’d do it tastefully to not make me look like I’m the scoundrel. If you ask me a question then give me enough time to reply or don’t ask. All they are trying to do (the media) is trip you up or make you look bad. I’d like to See Ron tell them to slow down and shut up while he answers the questions. I know the ratings game is important to the TV broadcasters and advertisers, but I wouldn’t let them push me.

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