0 thoughts on “Ron Paul – Obama Committed an Impeachable Offense

  1. I love it when Ron Paul explains his position completely shutting down the news anchors, they quickly shut up and end their interview. I’m sure this was just another cheap shot by the mainstream media to portray Ron Paul as some kind of lunatic that is unelectable. What they don’t realize is that the truth is Ron Paul is the only sane candidate and he is more than capable of leading this country back to peace and prosperity under the Constitution. He is also the last hope of a peaceful revolution. If the 2012 election comes down to Romney or Perry vs Obama, there is going to be a revolution much like the one that gave birth to this country.

    1. Insanity…absolute insanity. Don’t give a shit anymore. May humanity enjoy this mindless decent into the abyss of its own ass.

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