3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on CNN w/ Piers Morgan 3/26/12

  1. Get the government out of this. Look at the medicaid program, it’s a mess and costing the taxpayer billions. What will happen everyone that has insurance now will have it and the rest will be paid by the middle class. It won’t be different the quality will go down and cost will skyrocket. What they need to do if they want to get involed is regulate pricing of things like MRI’s and CAT Scans, which the price for these is astronomical and ridiculous. Corporate Healthcare isn’t working either because of the AMA Lobby and the high cost of Mal-Practice insurance. They put a cap on these types of law suits but the insurance cost never went down. The Corporate Execs get bigger boneses and these non profit hospitals are just paying their execs more money. What a frigging mess. When you get government involved and Lobbies things get to be outrageous and the people are left holding the bag. Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Drug Companies, Health equipment manufacturers and the Government are not suffering but everyone else is through the cost and taxes. I say boycott healthcare, refuse procedures that are not necessary and never go to the doctor unless it is a emergency. Don’t vaccinate, don’t get all these ridiculous lab tests, don’t, don’t, don’t.

  2. Another thing about Medicare and Medicaid, so much is being ordered by these Doctors that is not necessary just because Medicare or Medicaid will pay for it. These Corporate execs are puting pressure on the Administrators and they in turn put pressure on the Doctors to make more money. That is why a lot of these unecessary procedures go on. I have seen so many people admitted to the hospital when it wasn’t necessary. Once this girl comes into the ER with a toothacke, she had an absest tooth. She should have been given antibiotics and sent home until she could see a dentist. She was admitted by the physician for a diagnoses of a facial celulitus just because she had medicaid and they would pay for a two day stay under that diagnoses. Any time a doctor or hospital loses money on one end they make it up double doing something else for a patient somewhere in the system. Just like government they get away with anything they can on the burden of the taxpayer. What a mess greedy and unethical practitioners have made of a system that could and used to be the best in the world.

    1. There are also drugs out there that work really, really well, for various other illnesses. Only problem is nobody can afford them. They also can’t afford the 2500.00 dollar deductible for health insurance, so nobody has insurance.

      This is the bullshit that America is faced with now. All we need to do is go back to a non regulated Republic. Problems go away overnight. So simple, yet so ridiculously hard to get back too, as originally intended.

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