0 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Fox New Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 11/6/2011

  1. All the other candidates, including Obama, are offering is the prospect of war with Iran. For the last 20 years, all Iran has heard from the U.S. and other nuclear powers is threats of war. Why wouldn’t Iran want a nuclear weapon to protect itself? Maybe talking might get us farther than saber rattling; it helped us avoid war with nuclear powers like the Soviet Union and China.

    If Iran must be opposed militarily, let a nuclear power like Israel or a coalition of the Gulf states oppose Iran. Iran is oceans and continents away from the United States. Why is American blood and treasure required? We cannot afford it, and we have already lost thousands of young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    A nation like Iran, that “cannot even provide gasoline” for its people is hardly poised to become an expansionist empire. Our war in Iraq gave Iran more influence in Iraq, and near sovereignty in southern Iraq. We continue to fight in Afghanistan and bomb Pakistan. By destabilizing Iran’s neighbors, U.S. policy is enabling Iranian expansionism. The U.S. policy makers are facilitating the very ends they claim to oppose.

    A re-evaluation of our policies in the Middle East, and toward Iran, is long overdue.

  2. Israel is chomping at the bit to attack Iran. This is really what this is all about. Ron Paul makes an excellent point. Treat the Iranians like normal human beings, and quit threatening them with ridiculous sanctions. As Ron Paul says, the Soviets and the Chinese are much more of a threat to us, or at least were at one time, and we didn’t attack them. Threatening war with Iran is only protecting Israel, and that is becoming more unpopular by the second here in America. Israel is becoming less important to Americans as we are doing nothing more than throwing huge amounts of money away with these people.

    Time for Israel to become weened of the American teet. America cannot be involved in more wars protecting people that really are no benefit to America whatsoever. When was the last time Israel did anything for America? All we are doing is becoming involved in Middle Eastern gobble de gook that we have no business being involved in. The neocon megalomaniacs use Israel as some kind of stepping stone to some kind of World War 3 situation, meaning that if we were not there for Israel, they will be decimated by Iran.

    A huge falsehood as Israel could turn Iran into a glass factory within seconds without any help from the US whatsoever. Time for the misinformation to stop. Time for the European nations to step up to the plate and throw their hat into the Israeli ring. They must put more pressure on the Iranians as needed. There are plenty of ways this can be accomplished. Can you say oil embargo? You betcha….. France could drop kick Iran into submission within seconds if need be. Time for America to back off.

    Ron Paul realizes this and gives the obvious intelligent response. Get the hell out.

    1. Obviously those responsible for the present policy have no interest in our nation whatsoever other than to plunder its wealth. I can’t see why this is not painfully clear to everyone. The agenda has nothing to do with protecting and serving our own society on any level. Quite to the contrary.

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