0 thoughts on “Ron Paul: The Fed Has Failed

  1. The Fed has every idea exactly what it’s doing and Ron Paul knows it.If he were President his voice wouldn’t be as shackled.He is a knowledgeable economist ,knows true history and has a realistic view of foreign affairs.However Perry,Romney,Mcain,Obama,Bush,Carter,blah,blah,blah win because of wealth stolen from you and redistributed to them to perpetuate the accumulation of your stolen wealth.It’s a good job if you can get it.However Constitutional justice may rain on their retirement plans as their corporate policies have rained on ours.End the Fed.Return Constitutional law.Then I’ll shut up and go back to living my own life with my best wishes for everyone else to be able to do the same.I just doubt if the elite will make it that simple.They have too much to gain.(world domination)And too much to lose(their heads)I guess they’re in the same boat as us,only they launched it,they’re outnumbered and its a long row back to shore no matter which side you’re on.I’ll cast my lot with freedom and all those who desire it.

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