0 thoughts on “RON PAUL: Will come 1st in IOWA Caucus!

  1. Those assholes were in awe of Ron Paul’s knowledge and intelligence, and surprisingly, treated him with the respect that he deserves. Ron Paul in 2012 !

    1. No, they are in fear of Ron Paul’s knowledge and intelligence. They don’t respect Ron Paul and they sure as hell don’t want him winning the election in 2012. Bret Baier and the rest of the Fox News lapdogs can’t stand to be in the same room with Ron Paul. I’m sure they will be a lot more relaxed and happier when they have Herman Cain on the show.

      1. Sunfire, I know those neo-con shit heads DON’T respect Dr. Paul, but they were showing respect to him, due to the fact that millions of their viewers, that do respect him, were watching.

  2. Yeah, WOW! I’m in shock, the neocons have been forced to give the man some respect. They had better hang on tight. Ron Paul is going to show some break out numbers here shortly. Americans love Ron Paul. Even though the polls have all been fixed, the man still shines like a number one candidate.

    Electoral College be damned!

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