13 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Maine delegates erupt after getting barred from Republican convention.

  1. Well, it’s official, just like I said it would be: Mitt “the twit” Romney is the GOP nominee. Obama vs Romney (Alien vs Predator), no matter who wins, America loses! Get ready, because all hell is going to break loose!

  2. precisely the reason I do not vote. Why would I take my time and intellectual critical thought and waste it on a predetermined pony show?

    In addition to that, why would I even encapsulate myself with loyalties to manipulative organizations, in this instance ‘party’. For example, the second I claim ‘I’m a republican’, I have cut off a great section of my own critical thinking, and identified myself as limited in my critical thinking to anyone except the yes men I attempt to surround myself with, using that party’s or any other label. How can I as a living man have a critical, intelligent view of something as important as a system purporting to govern my life, if one half of the control of that system is wrapped up and in my mind deserves no discerning, demanding viewpoint?

    The architects of this system love this shit. They love people that can only pick one side or another, because it makes their job so simple. Look at how many ways men are given 2 choices and no other, and how easily those men accept that as the way it is and should be. This is 2 dimensional, static thinking, in a 3 dimensional, dynamic world. Do any of us really believe that the blue blood poison ivy leaguers running the show are educated in this manner? I guarantee you this is the exact and intended construct of the public school system. All unquestioning devotion to organization, particularly organizations run by complete strangers with hearsay de facto authority, is only taking a man farther from the divine.

    None if this is meant to insult anyone, so please don’t take it that way. I’m simply tapping on the glass and trying to get each of us to take a look outside, and maybe come out and play for a while.

    The ultimate governor of a man is himself. The ultimate connection between God and man is himself. The ultimate security of a man is himself. Strangers aren’t even on the radar…

    1. felt/feel the same,registered to vote for first time(age 45).never felt represented til i heard about ron paul in 08(too late,then)had no faith that this time would end any different..but i had to show for the only man of integrity that represents you and i.now i’ll go place another vote,and buy some silver. 😉

  3. I hope those Romney voters who are chanting are bunk buddies with me at the FEMA camp because if I can’t hit Romney, I have a lot pumped up anger to take out on them and their stupidity.

    1. Hey #1NWOHatr, after meeting Bloominidiot in a dark alley, we can have so much fun taking out our anger at these Pro-Romney assholes while we are at the FEMA camps.

  4. America has been hijacked by the terrorist GOP organization that has disenfranchised millions of American voters who have legally elected delegates to represent them. A Grand Jury MUST be called to investigate the federal voting laws that were violated when the terrorist GOP organization illegally denied the delegates the right to vote.

  5. The American People UNDERSTAND, alright. They understand that the election process is UNFAIR and RIGGED! I am going to write across the entire ballot in big black bold letters RON PAUL!

    1. NO write ins in texass,so….gary johnson it will be! then i will go purchase MORE silver on that national day of voting…

  6. don’t worry folks

    romney will consult his lawyers before making any decisions.

    this has been happening since Iowa – just hope this makes national headlines hoping it may make a difference to the sheeple but I doubt it.

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