Rule by the Antichrist – A Vision

Winter January 2010 and the treasonous Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that there could be no limits to corporations spending on candidate elections.  Confirming that we the people are subordinate to a variety of mega corporations such as the debt peddling Banking elite, the death peddling Military Industrial Complex, the vested interests of the Israeli Zionist regime, the poison peddling of Monsanto, Big Pharma, Oil etc.  The People forever to be ruled by an evil and unemotional antichrist denied all freedom of speech, removed of the right to personal liberty and deprived of personal property.

Winter 2012 and the world is on hold waiting for the great Coming, not the promised Coming of the Savior or a Ron Paul but of the coming Great Reset from the almighty dollar collapse and with it all fiat currencies.  It is early winter 2012 and poor Greece is destitute with 58% youth unemployment, a bank technocrat Government dictates the final days of a most unhappy Italy and the mighty economy of imperial Spain is rapidly imploding.

In 1699 when Sir Isaac Newton was Master of the Royal Mint it was correctly deemed treason to debase the coinage and the sentence was mandatory death by hanging, In 2012 the treasonous private Federal Reserve openly declared quantitative easing to counterfeit money ad infinitum. The educated classes did not object to this abomination against their coinage as they became willing partners from FED controlled stock market paper gains. The poor have become destitute with 46 million souls on the breadlines of poverty supported mainly by food rationing stamps.

A surreal holding pattern has evolved from the treason of this open quantitative easing to counterfeit money ad infinitum by the arch antichrist FED cartel comprised of a small number of vested private family banking member interests.  These creatures formed a corporation in 1913 along with the IRS, their privately owned FED cartel fictitiously prints all dollars as debt with interest and takes a charge over assets.  No gold competing currency is ever allowed, the owner of the Liberty Dollar last year was declared in court to be a terrorist and is now waiting jail time, Ghadaffi last year for his gold dinar currency was butchered like a dog.

The world has reached debt saturation where the compounded interest cannot be further increased and very few remaining assets are available to pledge.  The great Coming will be something of awe and shock to behold. Shylock the antichrist,  is not about human compassion, or about debt forgiveness or about providing welfare to the destitute. Shylock the antichrist, demands the extraction of his due debt being a pound of flesh complete with bloody usury or else to foreclose on your assets.

This temporary holding pattern is his time to allow the build up of fascist control, to keep the main herd of dumb cattle pacified, to test the parameters of human tolerance over in Europe and bring unrest to the Middle East where the last state owned central bank in oil rich Iran has yet like Iraq and Libya to capitulate to the occult control of the demonic cabal of elite private banking families.

At the Chosen hour the antichrist will unplug the fiat system, all paper denominated wealth will evaporate, billions  of souls will become utterly destitute and their debt will be called due.  For protection in your ark have a stash of gold and silver to ensure you have personal debt servicing available plus a stash of preservable food and employ your faith in the divine to calmly see you through the great Coming reset

The aftermath will offer a compromise to the destitute, a paperless stable gold backed world currency with a twist, it will be plastic with a personal PIN chip as in Europe to instantly monitor each financial transaction and a personal RFID chip to track each individuals movements.

The surveillance society will now be complete, those who are foreclosed on will pay rent instead of usury.  The new world order by the antichrist will comprise those few who own assets after the Coming and the destitute who are now destined to serve.  Gone will be the option of personal debt to purchase assets, gone will be the hypocrisy of politicians and the dreams of political choice for change, in will be just one technocratic administrative control of the new world.

The last lines of 1984 ‘everything now was alright. .. he had learned to love Big Brother’.

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