Step Up Socialists and Let the Contests Begin

Israel’s King Netanyahu stepped up to assert once again that Israel will act on its own accord in attacking Iran.  Of course we all know that thanks to the traitors within our government any attack by Israel must be taken up immediately by the United States by law.

The stock market plunged another 121 points yesterday as every talking head making up the mainstream propaganda machine harped on the need to take immediate action to avert an economic collapse as a result of the so called fiscal cliff.  Coming up on the election we predicted on this site that the soviet socialist insurgency was running behind and that we expected to see things go from bad to worse in a hurry.  And here we are.

The people on the East Coast have once again shown the naivety of trusting this corrupt treasonous government even to the smallest degree.  Hard lessons learned by those who would not listen.  Anyone who is not doing everything humanly possible to prepare for the upcoming fight is a fool.

Our enemies have a small window of time in which to act and we had better be ready.  When they come at us, we must hit them hard and show no mercy.  Once you have engaged, do not slow down.  Go on the attack.  Go for the head of the snake.  These are socialists we are facing.  They can’t wipe their asses without someone telling them to do so.  When we come at them hot and heavy, they will be quickly become overwhelmed and disorganized.  If we continue to press, they will falter quickly and one mistake will be compounded with another.

In spite of every lie being told, we grossly outnumber our enemies, as it was reported yesterday that the actual number for the refusal to participate in the fraudulent election was 46%.  And of the 54% that did participate, 10% were illegals and 2% voted for third parties or wrote in Ron Paul.  Our enemies are finding out quick that their bluff is a total failure and that the American sovereign patriots of the American race are poised to pounce at the first instance of any escalation.

If you find yourself the first to step up and fight, do so with viciousness and an absolute certainty that your brothers and sisters across this land will finish the fight if you should fall.  Know that this Republic, freedom, and liberty are going to prevail, absolute.  And every patriot’s death will be avenged a hundred fold.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

17 thoughts on “Step Up Socialists and Let the Contests Begin

  1. The article states – in the second paragraph from the bottom that 46% was the “actual number” that refused to participate in this fraudulent election.Well, how can anyone believe this number – this is just a number that for all anybody knows is just some number that was just pulled out of the air I still cannot belive it that people even could consider to even show up to vote – even if it was for ron paul or that Pat Paulson from that old show ” Laugh In ” frorm the sixties, you guys remember that show. I believe that this voting scam is just a power trip that is manufactured by the ones that use the voters to think they have the power to control the dumb asses that did actualluy do/did vote. Now they know who voted and who believes in their BS.————P.S. I hope you idiots that did vote are happy now. Follow their laws now, you voted for them – I did not vote so why should I follow something that I did not have anything to do with or agree with.

  2. Rev 12:12 , Therefore rejoice ; you heavens and you who dwell in them !
    But woe to the earth and the sea , because the devil has gone down to you !
    He is filled with fury because he knows his time is short . ( this is from the new international version bible ) Think of it what you want .

    But these so-called elitists ( devils ) know that we are on to them . They will come down on us hard , we have got to have the resolve to give it back to them in spades . 10 fold .

    You may or may not believe in an afterlife , but there has got to be more than this matrix we are existing in now . If not , we are nothing more than mere animals like the Talmud and the Zionist think that we are .

    It’s up to us to put a stop to this b.s .a.s.a.p……….If not we are all domed to slavery to a cabal that doesn’t give a rats ass wether we live or die . Just as long as we slave away for their profits .

  3. Midnight Missions. Fuel lines, sugar gas tanks, brake lines, spikes from train tracks, communication hubs and towers, strategic placement of projectiles. You get the idea, be creative. Make it costly and time consuming for them to even make a move. A cog in the wheels of tyranny. Shots callers make the best take downs. Be creative, look around your area for those specific thing, now. You will be surprised how vulnerable they really are. 40 million acts of resistance every night, how could we lose. and remember those of the midnight resistance will need support. a safe place to sleep during the day, food, supplies, etc. Make your plans now, find your group. Purchase things now for the future. Resistance is victory! Resistance to tyranny is, obedience to God.

    1. You have to remember one thing , they have their fingers on the nukes . I wouldn’t put it past that basta$d in the B.H. to nuke his own people . He hates America anyway so w.t.f.

    2. Smilardog, I remember people blowing up vehicles with a little of that draino drain cleaner that used to come in a can – remember that stuff? – put it in a ping- pong ball, cover the hole used to fill ping-pong ball with scotch tape and drop in gas tank and run. When the scotch tape dissolves in the gas – BOOM!!!! Just think – a gas can would work perfectly for other agendas ya`ll know, use the imagination.

    1. Just slip in a gallon or 2 of regular gas into a diesel and all you will have is a big paperweight . That mo….fu… is not going to move ..period .

    2. If you mean my draino trick – I have never tried it myself, but I learned that one from some old timers and they swear by it – and I have also read about people doing that years ago from different articles that I have read 40 + years ago.——————-P.S. I just got off the phone with a old boy from the korean war days -the 50`s – and he said to take some tin foil and put in in a bottle like a soda bottle and fill it up about 3/4 of the way with liquid draiano and cap it up tightly and in about 10 – 15 min. kaboom, it is the foil and the liquid draino that does the reaction. I do not want to hear of anyone of you guys getting blown up so you are taking your chances. These guys are not BS`ers that it got this from!!! these are old radical indians from the res. in the dakota`s. They told me to look out and be careful – words of wisdom there he said to me and you guys, OK!!!! Also he said that he does`nt think the granualted draino is around for the very reason I was saying about the ping-pong ball trick. Both of those tricks work good though.

      1. Diggerdan, yeah, I remember it, just don’t remember if it works with diesel. and foil and muratic acid make a great clean up tool lol

      2. Hey Digs, so is it the mixture of the draino and the tin foil that create the effect AFTER you cap it off and seal off the air from it?

        1. No NC, the foil and draino does not like each other, you see it creats a cemical reaction that goes kaboom in about 10 -15 min. if it is capped tightly. by the way – I know the ping – pong trick works though @ 7:37am. That makes one hell of a fire ball with a couple of gallons of gas. Think of what it would do in a gas tank. I got a lot of good old tricks up my sleave. all tried and true NC

          1. Tell me more about your tricks, Digs. lol I’m all ears. This is good stuff. Any tactics will be appreciated.

          2. @ NC9:25 pm, you bet NC – we can do this – the old fashioned stuff – yes, we can do this. We are cool. we will teach each other OK!!! – honestly eh NC! KEEP the faith OK. we will talk ! You tell me when ok NC my friend! There is nothing wrong with knowledge and freedom of speach last I have heard – well at least as how I see it anyway . USE IT OR LOSE IT as they say. Maybe the PUB or ask Henry for my e-mail – I would prefer so long as it is not given out to undesirables ya know NC.

  4. I wonder how much of that 46% was the ‘dead’ votes. Also, I saw an article that said more people voted in Colorado than even lived in that state.

    All that aside, we’ve got a runaway train coming down the tracks, and it’s damn close.

    Almost time to derail that b#tch.

    1. I see trains going by all the time as I spend way too much time at the dog park contemplating on the Big day. I constantly wonder when I will get my chance to derail one, especially if it holds DHS trucks and equipment. Oh boy. It just gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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