Rumor of Drone Strike at Bundy Ranch Sends Oath Keepers Packing

Wade called in from Bunkerville and reported that Stewart Rhodes and his Oath Keepers received a tip suggesting an imminent drone strike on the Bundy Ranch.  Oath Keepers ran from the scene like frightened children.  

Wade sent us a link to a better quality recording from Radio Free Redoubt:

83 thoughts on “Rumor of Drone Strike at Bundy Ranch Sends Oath Keepers Packing

  1. Just another group looking for publicity and money.
    Maybe it will be a chance for the Militia groups there
    to get properly defensively organized.

  2. Those damn cops and sheriff dept. ones are just as bad as the fed govt. and they are on the Fed govt. side and the people there with support are on the Bundy side – two different sides.
    They start useing drones then that is a act of war on the american people so buck up and get ready – get the game plan ready – REMEMBER PEOPLE THAT ALL IS FAIR IN TIMES OF WAR AND THIS IS A OBVIOUS ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND WHAT WE REAL AMERICANS STAND FOR DAMNIT!!!!
    I sure hope those militia are gonna make their presence and back it up damnit just like I hope to see Bundy and his family be on the front lines if and when the SHTF ready to be shot instead of running like so many others like him has done.
    I still do not trust this whole situation on this Bundy ranch.

  3. I doubt if they will actually do a drone strike at this point. If they did, The war would begin immediately and there would be no mercy for anyone with a badge. But it does show the true nature of the Oath Keepers.

    1. Bulldog, if they hit with a hellfire or whatever how far out will it be 1 or 2 miles out and if so will they see it coming?

      1. It is doubtful that they will see anything coming.
        I don’t think they are ready to take the leap into openly droning folks on American soil yet. But if they do, you can bet they will not have a chance to get out of the way.

        1. Thanks Bulldog, it seems to me that FedGov could not justify it to the sheeple, let alone his own in congress.

          1. Dont get me wrong. I believe the day will come when they will openly do it. I just dont think it is here. I think they would use snipers first after claiming some militia started it. That what we should be looking for.

    2. … And if there was a drone strike, maybe more people would see our government for what it is and prepare?
      . . .

  4. Well the dis-info is probably doing what the Fed’s want and reducing the size of Protectors on the ranch so they can move in with very limited resistance.

  5. I had a hard time understanding a lot of that phone conversation due to poor recording. Why did it sound like somebody bumped the needle across a turntable at one point? As a result, I’m not exactly clear why there is such acrimony in the commentary. The way I see it, the people backing the Bundy family did not go there hoping to become martyrs, they went to defend against Harry Reid’s police state thugs and hopefully live to tell about it. Since you don’t bring a rifle to a drone fight, I’d be reluctant to condemn anybody for temporarily retreating at this point. That doesn’t make them cowards, it makes them alive and even more motivated for the next phase of the battle. I donated a grand to Sheriff Mack’s Bundy support fund, so I take it from the video that that gives me the right to comment. Well the way I see it, if you’re not physically at the Bundy ranch right now, or temporarily retreating until the “all clear” is called, your only job is to recognize your own debt to the people who showed up there at all.

    1. and who are you?

      You gave a grand to a sheriff to support Bundy? Id say thats like giving money to the vatican to prevent child rape.

    2. No disrespect intended, but I disagree. My job is to be ready for when the powers that be make their move. We cant all be at the ranch and we cant all give Sheriff Mack 1000.00. I have tremendous respect for every Militia man/woman who is currently at the ranch and those who went for even a little time, but I believe that the Oath keepers are a group that is out to make money and make a name for themselves. I was a member, so I feel that I am qualified to make that assessment.

  6. The shameless douche sipsey is shitting all over Ron in a recent post.
    Well, to be fair, he and stewie/ok are shitting on anyone who agrees with Ron.
    Moreover, in this recent post he accuses Ron of lying about being a Ranger, going so far as to claim he never served, being a psycho, and of being a dangerous fedgov spy. Furthermore, he claims Ron and a group of supporters of trying to forcibly overthrow Jerry’s dumbass
    Here is the intro to sipsey’s recent post:”The Bundys have embraced to their bosom an asp who has been, and continues to be, a provocateur who has done everything he can to disupt the Oath Keeper’s support operation. He came into camp early on, I was told, without ID, without a DD-214, claiming to have been a Ranger. However, no one I can find in the current Ranger veteran establishment knows who this guy is, recognizes his name, etc. I observed him up close for several days and I concluded that he is, at least, a sociopath, saying different things to different folks based upon whether they can assist him, not the mission.”
    If I were to believe this, that means everything I read in this post applies to you also.
    Obviously, I don’t believe this. However, I feel it’s very important that you know about this post, as it is the most traitorous slander directed at Ron and you.

      1. Last unit before ETS was 6/6 Cav out of Drum.
        I was also a Pathfinder medic while serving at Drum.
        That’s all I am giving out here.

          1. Same to you.
            Maybe we will cross paths in the near future.
            If you see a funny looking guy walking around wearing spurs, it’s me.
            *Just noticed you have a webpage and added it to my favorite list.

          2. Thanks, the site is still being built. We add content as we write it. Always looking for articles written by patriots about how to survive. We are creating a portion dedicated to survival and preparedness. Pathfinders have some great knowledge.

  7. First off- the feds dont tell people before they drone a place. So I call BS on rhodes and the oath keepers intel.

    Second- if you think the feds will drone the ranch you should already be revolting. That would have to be the dumbest thing the feds could do.

    Third-if the feds did plan to drone the place and leaked info allowing people to flee it would defeat the purpose of blowing the place up.

    1. While a drone strike: wouldn’t make any sense or, may start a massive revolt… have these factors stopped the International NWO Oligarchs before?

      The Fed needs to test their ability to control dissent. To only imply the threat of a drone strike, will not have the impact of initiating one (drone strike rationalized as necessary, based on a classified National Security terrorism issue). This predator drone strike may also make people drop out of the patriot movement or, think twice about enjoining it.

      Furthermore, you are assuming that TPTB aren’t ready for a National Revolt on multiple, continental fronts. Just think of all the new autonomous, robotic defense toys the military wants to test in the battlefield… that WILL fire on American citizens.

      1. hey introspect-
        if the criminals in this govt foment a civil war either by drone strike or coup, the big difference is we are legionne of patriots/100,000,000 strong. thats 100 million just in case you cant read zeroes. we outnumber them 5000 to 1. i think i can speak for others here: we dont need your propaganda and fear-mongering troll b.s. here. when this kicks off and it will, we will stomp-ass on these mutha-phukkas . because they are wrong and we the people, are in the right/ go get some balls and change your perspective, or draw opposed as my enemy.

        1. ” i think i can speak for others here: we dont need your propaganda and fear-mongering troll b.s. here.”

          czechlist — I’ve been posting on this site for a while, and your naive ego is obviously over inflated; especially when you brazenly think you are speaking on the behalf of other posters.

          You are correct in saying that there are millions of gun owners in the USA; however, how many of these gun owners will use them on a tyrannical enemy when they are called to duty?

          We’ve already seen what some Oathkeepers will do when faced with predator drones. Our Nation is also a melting pot of immigrants, which makes our Country divided by diverse foreign nationals, races and, religions, which do not necessarily agree with or support our diminishing inalienable Constitutional Rights. We have almost 40% of the citizens depending on welfare: food stamps, Medicaid, assisted housing, and they will be unlikely patriots when the time comes to take action against the hand that feeds them.

          Many people will talk the talk like you — but they will more than likely NOT walk the walk when the time comes to take action. It won’t be any different than it was during the 1st Revolutionary War. Furthermore, if you re-read what I wrote, you should realize that I am being realistic — not spreading defeatists’ propaganda, unless you can show me to be wrong. To ignore the capabilities of the enemy, will be analogous to entering to a gun fight, armed with only a knife. This will make YOU a death statistic.

          So you know what you can do with your presumed armed resistance statistics — at least we know how you got that brown ring around your neck, Putz.

  8. If the government uses drones on those people its time to put up or shut up. I wont accept it. The country shouldnt accept it and the only way it should end is with heads on sticks.

  9. Bahahahaha!!! The Oathkeepers are running like the cowards that they are.

    Oh, we’ll take an oath to protect your rights but we won’t defend them. What a bunch of hypocrites. They call themselves patriots, yet they won’t stand their ground and fight when the time comes. Nothing but turncoats is all they are.

    The militia better watch their backs. This stunt feels eerily similar to the stunt they pulled at Ares Armor just before ATF raided the place.

    I’m telling you, Stewart Rhodes is coordinating with the elite and that’s why he went back to his motel in Vegas and left the rest of his group at Bundy’s. He probably had a meeting with the Feds or the elite. Rhodes should be investigated immediately. He’s getting more suspicious by the day. I don’t trust that bastard or his group one bit. They are controlled opposition and are in cahoots with AJ and company. Why hasn’t anyone noticed this by now?

  10. I’m curious as to why A.J. is not doing a live emergency broadcast or at least posting this intlel. I saw nothing on his site indicating him knowing of it. Would be nice to know if this is fact or fiction. Perhaps we will hear more.

    1. Who cares what AJ says? He’s a Zionist shill, dude.

      Plus, he won’t say a damn thing until AFTER it happens or unless it is a part of the Zionist plans.

      1. N.C., I agree and am aware of this, although just for the sake of publicity, I’m surprised he is not reporting this. He does indeed like publicity.

        1. Sorry Katie, for some reason I didn’t realize that was you I was responding to. My bad. I was kinda sick earlier today. Wasn’t quite up to par and focused. Please disregard my comment and accept my apologies on that one, as that comment I made was rude of me. Sorry.

          1. N.C., no problem. I took no offense, yet appreciated your view. Certainly wasn’t implying that A.J. was the know all, be all, by any means.

  11. Phukking cowards=oathkeepers…..they need to change their name to
    something like boastcreepers. it is in the very time of the heat of battle
    that everyone needs to stand firm. what a bunch of pussies.

    stewart rhodes is a bloviator anyway. with him requesting everyone send
    their donations to oathkeepers instead of cliven bundy ranch what a piece of shiite. this really pisses me off.

    1. Yep, we should call them OATHBREAKERS. They just got themselves a new nickname in my book. From now on, that’s what I’m calling them. They just lost all credibility. (The little credible that they actually had, that is)

  12. This was a rumour that was probably leaked to scare the people into leaving the ranch, so they can go in and kill him and take his land. Guarantee it. And the Oathkeepers are running like the cowards that they are. If I were the people there, I would call the government’s bluff and stay there. If they’re smart, they’ll know it’s bullshit. This would turn into and all out war overnight if they used a drone strike. I call major bluff on this one. They are just trying to reduce the crowd.

    1. NC,
      I agree 100%. Look for a false flag event at the ranch while the oath keepers are away. Then oath keepers can claim they didn’t start it they can claim that the militia did. The government can then raid the “evil racist cliven bundey” and the “extremist militia”

  13. As a proud Oath Keeper and a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer I can tell you that our people have gone nowhere. They are still standing their watch on the compound and this is nothing short of a cowardly attack on a fine organization.

      1. “He” may be one of “those” that also stood watch on the branch davidian compound!……..only stooges and brain-washed idiots use the term compound when referring to a specific piece of private property. i called b.s. on that too when i read it.

        If it smells looks and feels like a turd, then thats what it is.

        You can hear rhodes say himself they were bugging out. COWARDS.

    1. So what you are saying is that stewie, and a
      trusted quisling, ran in fear back to his hotel
      suite on the strip.

  14. I’m proud of Oathkeepers, and grateful for their presence in this situation.

    I surely wouldn’t want anyone to stand still to be bombed or drone stricken
    without any effort for safety….they are risking their lives just being there!

    I wish I could be out there with them.
    Thank God a few Americans still remember we FIGHT TO BE FREE.
    We either defend ourselves, or we lose freedom.

    If you think you can do a better job out there, by all means, head on out there!
    They need our help….
    We need to bring OUR soldiers home to DEFEND THIS country….
    and send these foreign soldiers packing…
    don’t ya think?

    1. The people in oath keepers may be good folk, but the folks at the top are full of it. They allow people who claim to have been wounded in action to hold leadership positions in their ranks. To me they are a group who is trying to make themselves seem cool and patriotic while shitting on their troops. Sounds a lot like the people who are presently running the military. Any time an organization gets that big it is no longer real. There are good people that are members, but just like our current military, they are being used to further someone else’s agenda.

    2. Wade, from From the Trenches, is there. We are putting up all the information coming out because everyone needs to know what is being said and who is saying it.
      Wade reported that the Oath Keepers took a powder. He cannot get on the ranch so we cannot know if there are Oath Keepers on the ranch.
      Don’t think about criticizing this site for bringing all the information we can find forward to be examined. I thought that was what we were supposed to be doing. Or maybe one of you would like to tell us what we should or should not look at, read, and evaluate.

      1. Henry,
        I will believe anything Wade says over the leadership of oath keepers any day. 🙂 they have an agenda. Wade has brought us the reality of what is going on out there. If he says they ran, I believe him.

        1. Yea, like takin` a powder to go powder their noses so they look good lol .
          Yea, like Bulldog said they ran off and took a powder. They do that once and they cannot be trusted again – the individual that is by the way.
          Ya got to be carefull who ya join up with now days.

  15. I think that this is all just a GD game for the rich man to feel more superficially powerful wich they are not. They are all hiding under rocks IMHO. Yea they all know exactly what they are doing and I think it is a bunch of sick BS IMOHO them superficiall bastards at best I call them bottom crawlers.
    Yea thumbs up to the Militia that is keepin` the faith.
    I am starting to see this all as a big distraction as to what is really going on. Screw the govt. swat and all. F them pukes, thake them out now before they get the advantage as they always seem to. If this is serious as it seems then the time for fun and games are over guys. This so called govt has made the first move a long time ago and they need to be stopped NOW. It is long over due – no excuses like they have to fire the first shot, they have done that “first shot” many years ago and We The People have been more than patient with the govt thugs.
    yea is America a bunch of pussies bending over to the POS govt. ?? I wonder.
    Time to remember Wounded Knee, Waco, and what those govt. thugs did to them and how the govt acts.
    Yea Ya`ll – “remember the past to live for today to plan for the future” – and the govt. have more than enough have prouven what they are about in the past many times over. Think about it. Time for their games has been done years ago.

  16. I don’t believe what Stewart is saying. I think he’s making this crap up just to distance himself from bundy. I don’t trust the oathkeepers.

      1. I asked my husband and he said it has the essence of ladies excusing themselves to go to the powder room.
        Is this what happened? (ha ha)

        1. lol You know, I’ve taught many idioms when I was teaching overseas and I’ve actually never come across the saying, “Take a powder” until now, too. So don’t feel bad, Katie.

  17. All of these stories are psy-ops to turn patriots against each other with suspicions of distrust, and more. The establishment WANTS you to distrust Oath Keepers. The Oath Keepers are amongst the most qualified, trained, and organized group out there fighting the good fight, so the powers that be want to sow discord and distrust towards them. Don’t fall for it. On a side note, you would be a fool NOT to retreat if you heard of a coming drone strike. You retreat, make sure everything is clear, then re-group, real simple. I call bullsh*t on the drone strike story anyway. If that were to ever happen, I bet money that this country would become engulfed in a civil war over night. Drone strike Americans on their own soil? Ha! It would be the dumbest thing the government could ever do.

    1. “qualified, trained, and organized group”(s) get infiltraitored by subversive government agents. they also sell out to the same fedgov criminals when its puts cash in their pockets. rhodes is on a power trip, like when he said he didnt have time to talk about the drone issue. he is mr bigshot now. or so he thinks.

      1. Rhodes is a joke. He only cares about one thing for his OATHBREAKERS organization and that is the money. So who’s really funding this guy is what I’d like to know?

    1. So true, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Bundy situation and what’s happening now in our country.

  18. I think a drone strike would make no sense whatsoever at this point.
    It’s either a hoax or a scare tactic to remove defenses. Confirmation is needed on the situation.

  19. There are 2 ways of looking at the oath keepers , either they are controlled opposition to know those who would resist ,or they are not . One point worth considering is the non profit or .org is designated by the Federal reserve crooks and as you heard in the revelation they were spying on patriot groups and conservatives it is hard to imagine they would give them non profit status . It is just a thought , however the MO is usually to infiltrate every group and control it . one thing is certain the prison camps or fema camps are real , the REX 84 BILL IS REAL .(LISTEN TO THAT ON YOU TUBE YOU WILL BE STUNNED ) NDAA BILL IS REAL , PATRIOT ACT IS REAL .

  20. The time isn’t right for drone strikes on U.S. soil. Close, but not quite.

    The sheeple haven’t been completely subjugated yet, and some are even escaping the matrix in growing numbers lately.

  21. I’ll take the first drone strike on our soil, for my children, my grandchildren and to save our beloved country, Good old uncle sam knows where I live, Let’s Get It On…

  22. Remember Rhodes, is a lawyer and worked for Ron Paul for many years, so people in the right places knows him.

  23. I think this is BS, are they staying or are they gone? I guess we will see….give $200.00 or don’t come, what?

  24. something possibly happened yet unconfirmed in our area during the drag races going on at the same time that we should not have heard being we were six miles away and have never heard before in all the years drag races have been held here. we also had a very low cloud cover making it virtually impossible to pin point its origin. it was mere minutes when story broke over the internet via facebook a guy already had a video of the dragster in question. a member of the hotrod group said it wasn’t even one of their loudest dragsters and another person said we should not have heard any of the dragsters where we live. waiting for update.

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