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  1. Yea, it will be just a short time untill the military will be flying their copters and military armed jets over the US – if they haven`t been doing that already ready to fire on us, with the military doing their goose step fully armed to fire upon us all here in the USofA. The sick bastards will.

    Yea I had a talk with some of my oldest friends from the viet nam era and I ask each one of them in private early last fall if they would fire upon us americans and each one of them bastards said that of course they would if asked to do so!! That is when I told each and every one of those traitors to take a flying jump and I meant it. They are no longer welcome as anyone that I have ever known.

    1. Are you serious? You’d think they would have learned from Vietnam. So to hear that, Digs. However, know that there are more of us patriots than there are of them traitorous bastards.

  2. If that was their reply they are traitors just like the rest that think that way.I have said all along that they would do exactly that and nobody want to believe it.But just look at the very small amount of the population that even knows anything about the military.Most ameriKans live in lala land over such matters but I sure as hell don’t. We are in deep shit and all the sheep seem to be able to do is bleat in unison! You have to look no farther than Katrina and the Boston Bombing fiasco to see what the cops and feds will do to their citizens if told to.

    1. Yes cracker, they said that 🙁 . I could not believe it myself when they said it. I can not be around those like that.
      Not all vets are like that though as I have met a lot that would never fire upon americans .

    2. Speaking of Hurricane Katrina, I work with someone who lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. He is about 50 years old and he said that after his house was flooded and his family were stranded, he noticed there were over 30 ships in the Gulf from Texas and other states coming in to help the survivors. However, the National Guard and military blocked them off and turned them around and told them to go home because they had no training. He couldn’t believe how inhumane our military and our government was. He said many families and friends were forced on board different boats because some boats had more room than others. He said one boat went one way and another boat went the other way. He said it wasn’t until over a year or two later that many of these families were able to find each other again. The military allowed no contact and no way of searching for them. Basically they were either dumped in the dome in Houston or some other concentration camp or dumped off somewhere to fend for themselves. It’s sad.

      To think that was just a testing ground. The next one will be much much worse on a national or even a worldwide scale.

      Stay alert, people.

      1. Yes, and after they were dumped and basically imprisoned in the Astrodome, subject to continuing robberies, assaults, and rapes, Barbara Bush went for a little look see and remarked that they were better off there.

        And with all the gang bangers here because their NOLA turfs were flooded and destroyed, the Houston area experienced a 40% increase in crime. It was a bad time all around.

        Fast forward 12 storms in the summer of 2005 to hurricane Rita, a huge category 5 storm. I was one of the millions stuck in gridlock trying to evacuate. Governor Perry “helped” us all out by stopping gas delivery to the area forecasted for landfall and inland, and refused to shut down inbound freeways to then open them up for outbound traffic. It took me more than 24 hours to make it to San Antonio. I got off the freeway when I could and took back roads the rest of the way; it took longer for those who stayed on the freeway – more than 36 hours for my SIL’s boss. Then when I got to San Antonio, exhausted and fried, the cops there had blocked off I-10, so I had to go further out of my to get to my destination.

        Looking back, I think these catastrophic storms and government actions were trials for continuing destabilization and societal breakdown. I’m not surprised that the coast guard and military followed orders without thinking of the consequences to those affected following Katrina, leaving NOLA people stranded and drowning. It appears to me that the military learned that tactic after the coast guard (? if that’s the correct division) called in all available water vessels to evacuate lower Manhattan on 9/11.

        The message of this story: When TSHTF, you are on your own. You cannot depend on any government agency or military division to help you. In fact, those in the military and government will more likely be an impediment and your foe, while they still say they were just following orders.

  3. For any and all that still believe the Military will do the right thing and side with the people…….Just remember the “Bonus Army” and the massacre at “Kent-State”.
    The Armed Forces are not ours….they are an Un-Con. “standing army” and belong to the dictates of the BANKER

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