Russian Soldiers in Asheville Mall, South Carolina

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I saw two Russian soldiers in the Asheville Mall, Asheville, NC last night, Friday 2/9. They were walking towards me, two young men who didn’t look much older than 16 to me. They were both probably 6′-4″, but didn’t look like they weighed 150lb.

They were both wearing full camo fatigues and what struck me first was the camo patterns were different from what I had seen. But the camo patterns each had on were different from one another (one was a dark digital, the other more of a darker woodlands).

My wife later said one of them’s undershirt was white and blue stripped (like what I think the Russian navy wears). As they got closer, I could see the pins and badges on their fatigues and I saw a pin on the closest ones right chest pocket that was a white flag with something in the upper corner and I knew… Russians!

I couldn’t believe it. I have been hearing about it, but to actually see it… I was dumbfounded. Here. In Asheville. I didn’t know what to do. First response was anger, like I wanted to fight (not really like me). I was staring when they went by to the point they must have noticed cause they wouldn’t look at me. I noticed the one had one star on his shoulder lapel, like a brigadier general here. Don’t know what that meant, I know he wasn’t old enough to be a general or even an officer for that matter.

It broke my heart. Soon as I walked by all I could think of was how this country has been given away. Sabotaged from within. Openly.

11 thoughts on “Russian Soldiers in Asheville Mall, South Carolina

  1. Get ready cause here it comes . isn’t it strange with all the Chinese troops in large numbers awaiting at the U.S Mexican boarder To invade the U S . the reports stated in this article are only one example, Russian soldiers are being seen all over the country in different locations in public, (talk about running it in your face) . (It is sock it to you time ) Now while all this is occurring the Obama thugs are endeavoring to take your firearms . What is about to transpire in the U S is as plain as the nose on your face . that is all for now comrades .

  2. Bet they’re up in Bent Creek ot Mills River area.
    *grumbles obscenities*
    Don’t know if I’m happy, or glad, to not be in my hometown of Canton or not now.
    I do know this..if I were there, and in the mall, and saw that….I don’t think i could have kept my mouth shut.
    I didn’t think any of the people that live there would have put up with this.
    *shakes head*

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  3. Just remember that they are just young kids who (I don’t know the Russian system) have either been poverty drafted or outright drafted. If they do have to fight and die in the USA then they will die alone, scared and a long way from home. They also won’t know the reason why.

  4. One of the reasons I don’t post articles from Quayle’s site very often is that they never post any photos to go with them. Don’t these people making these claims even have a cellphone to take pictures with? Some corroborative evidence would be helpful. I saw this one and passed, for that very reason.

  5. i dont think they are russian.
    a white flag with something in the corner is not russian.

    i used to own a book when i was young called “flags of the world”.
    i wish i still had it now, so i could go through it.

    what does a georgian flag look like?
    or a romanian flag?

    think of country’s that are nato members or friends of the u.s. and start there.

    i went through “” and no country has a white flag with something in the corner.
    not surprising as it could be miss-interpreted at a distance!!

    so whoever they are – they arent wearing a flag.

    what i DID find,
    a plain – often white flag with a 1/4 size national flag in one corner is used by the navy to indicate some type of “joint command”

    too bad the guy didnt have the balls to strike up a conversation with them.

  6. Probably some American kids with too much spare time. I’d be more concerned about Israeli soldiers in our midst than Russians or Chinese. Probably be difficult to spot the Israeli infiltrator as they would most likely be wearing American uniforms. I recall the Pat Tillman and George Patton murders…

  7. Myself and two fellow employees witnessed about 12 Russian Military personnel, in uniform, at the Drury Inns and Suites in San Antonio, Texas just this month. I can’t get any answers as to why they are here, you know the same old no response for the Congressman and Senator. Any ideas why they are here?

  8. I hope you know we have foreign national troops in Joint Training Exercises with US troops all over. We have Russians, Columbian, Taiwanese, Israeli, Dutch, German, French, British, and many other countries training here
    with our troops for Joint Security around the world (ISAF) Now the striped shirt is definitely sound Russian/Ukrainian, it all depends on thr color, blue for VDV Paratrooper, Black for Naval Infantry (marines) red for SF, Green for Border Guard, etc. Also Asheville is betwern FT Bragg and FT Jackson. maybe they were on a rest stop betwern posts…. Use your brains. Also in the Russian Federation Army one star is a Junior Lieutenant and if he went to the Suverov academy he could be 18-20 and a LT…

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