San Francisco Radiation Spike – 2-28-15

Sent to us by a reader, American National Radiation Network.

I’ve been a volunteer monitor ( radiation ) with the for almost 3 years, due to Fukushima.  On 2/28/2015 I had a 145 CPM ( Counts or decays per minute ) Alert.  The ONLY other station here in the Bay Area that is a constant participator is 2 miles due north of me, and he registered a 151 CPM peak, so, we had a ” hot plume ” pass through.  Shit happens all the time, but this was a hot one.  Bio-accumulation is my concern.  My Leandro station and SL CERT’s graphs below.  

My graph on 2.28.2015:


My closest network station, 2 miles due north, same day:

SL CERT_150303_1333-2.28.2015

* Do note the “condensed time frame “, but the peak at the far right is in line with my alert.  You won’t get this stuff on the MSM. 😉


3 thoughts on “San Francisco Radiation Spike – 2-28-15

  1. LOL
    not saying there isnt any but those counts are pretty low. Not to mention none of my logs show those numbers.
    When you get a count over 300 for more than 2 hours. Then report it.
    Hey look, phoenix keeps going into the 500 and 700 ranges. [crickets]

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