San Francisco to suspend all cops, firefighters who refuse covid vaccines

Natural News – by Ethan Huff

The far-left cesspool of San Francisco has decided to suspend nearly two dozen employees who work at the local police, fire and sheriff’s departments for refusing to disclose their Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status.

According to reports, hundreds of other employees from additional departments are also slated to be temporarily axed after the city sent out notifications warning that the targets in question had failed to meet an August 12 disclosure deadline.

The city is recommending that all targeted employees be suspended for 10 days unpaid. If enacted, 11 police department employees, seven fire department employees and two sheriff’s department employees would be affected.

“The health and well being of city employees and the public we serve are top priorities during our emergency response to COVID-19,” the letter from the city reads.

“Your failure to comply with the vaccination status reporting requirement endangers the health and safety of the city’s workforce and the public we serve.”

The city claims that a “surge” in new cases of the Fauci Flu, which is being driven by the vaccinated, necessitates that strict action be taken to try to force everyone who has not yet been jabbed to roll up their sleeves in compliance.

The so-called “delta” variant, a direct product of the injections, is said to be spreading like wildfire in San Francisco, though the city is blaming the “unvaccinated” for its spread.

The truth is, the injections are what is driving the spread of the delta variant, but of course this is too politically incorrect to admit. Thus, leftists are blaming the non-jabbed for spreading a disease they do not have to people who should have been protected by their injections but are not.

San Francisco threatens to permanently fire vaccine refusers who fail to file proper exemptions

The first large city in the country to issue such a mandate, San Francisco had ordered all municipal employees to get injected immediately or else face punishment.

Exempt from the mandate are those with a valid religious or medical exemption, it is important to note.

All city employees were given until August 12 to either show proof of injection or present a valid religious or medical exemption. Those who did not are now being threatened with temporary removal from their job duties.

Those without valid exemptions are being given 10 weeks following the FDA’s full approval to get injected. Those who do not obey could, and likely will, be permanently removed from their positions after the 10 weeks has elapsed.

As far as we know, none of the “anti-fascists” (Antifa) have shown up in San Francisco to protest this blatant act of medical fascism and medical terrorism by the city’s corrupt leadership.

Meanwhile, some residents of San Francisco are wondering what will become of their city once a chunk of the police and firefighting force are removed – as if the Bay Area is not already plagued by enough rampant lawlessness to last a lifetime.

“So a cop can kill someone using excessive force and be put on PAID leave, but a cop who demands his / her right to decide what is put in his or her body gets put out the door on UNPAID leave,” noted one commenter at Zero Hedge. “I can only assume the police unions are all for getting the jab.”

“I think Trump’s national state of emergency due to covid that Biden has continued allows all sorts of upending of rights and laws,” commenter another. “Or at least that is what they think. But the amount of tyranny we have is the amount we’re willing to tolerate.”

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8 thoughts on “San Francisco to suspend all cops, firefighters who refuse covid vaccines

  1. Ohhhh, now they’re standup guys?

    Only when it involves them personally.

    They gladly followed all the other unlawful codes, ordinances and policies and screwed US to the wall but NOW it matters?

    Well f you, too. Lie in your bed, traitors.

    1. Same with nurses who had no problem giving the jab (without informed consent) but when it comes around to them it’s a different story.

      1. pigs, nurses and teachers seem to gravitate towards each other in the social circles. The ones that truly want to nurse or teach seem to end up leaving the profession when they realize that’s not the point of the industry. Pigs? I ain’t got nothing good to say there. I went through 2 years of B.S. college for forensics, criminal law and psychology(91-93) and got lucky early on realizing that.

  2. There is only one path for a cop or firefighter suspended for not taking the so-called “vaccine” – denounce the jew system plus all your past sins against humanity & come fight on the side of truth! Any other choice & you can burn in hell or whatever other non-denominational fate awaits you!

  3. so piggies, how does it feel to have someone elses will forced upon you with no choices

    LMFAO….full circle bitches ..dam i love the smell of defeat in the morning .., its almost as pungent as napalm

    maybe only the “good cops” will fight this …Hahahhahahha LMFAO … yeah “good cops” hahhahahaha

    1. I’d love to forcibly restrain them, rendering them helpless and vulnerable to someone else’s wishes, and administer a taste of their own medicine as they’ve joyfully and sadistically done to countless Americans in their careers.

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