6 thoughts on “Fascism in Australia

  1. She’s speaking as if this some benevolent offering, a wonderful gift to humanity. What she’s really saying is, “TO THE CAMPS!!!”


    1. Sounds more like the gulags a la jewish bolshevism to me! At least the Germans put the right prisoners (the same ones causing the problems today) in their camps!!!

      1. Communism and fascism are both collectivism, which is socialism, which is not a free republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual. We are not going to have either one. It is going to be the Bill of Rights being enforced as the absolute written law as it is, freedom, liberty, and autonomy for the American nationals who own this f-king country. All else will be crushed by the supreme superior written ratified law of December 15, 1791.
        Anybody, and I mean anybody, advocating for anything less than the enforcement of our superior law and our superior jurisdiction is a f-king traitor and will be dealt with as such.

        1. I don’t disagree with you. All I brought up was 2 simple observations – that what is being reported in this article looks more like the gulags run by jewish bolshevism & that AT LEAST the Germans put the cause of all our problems in THEIR camps! I don’t think anyone can argue with those 2 simple statements. I wasn’t reading anything else into it or attempting to justify anything done by the people running Germany in WWII.

      2. Not everything is as it appears, Jimmy.
        The easy road ain’t the way, but the road that ‘they’ want you on.

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