Santos Bonacci Speaks After Court – Exposes Entire Fraudulent Legal System To The News

Before It’s News

Very few have had the opportunity to speak with such depth to the open public, Santos is for sure a pioneer in the next level of human emancipation.

This video is real world application of the recent article from (Retired) Judge Dale exposing the fraudulent legal system. Listen as Santos sums up his court appearance to the local media.  

I’ve tried to find this news station’s coverage of this interview on air. To see how they may have altered it or omitted it altoghter. If any can find more, please post to comments.

Powerful testimonial! NOW is the time to reclaim your sovereignty from the system of debt slavery enacted by a fraudulent, corporate based kangaroo-courts and governments.

Santos Bonacci Speaks After Court – Exposes Entire Fraudulent Legal System To The News

Law and Language – Santos Bonacci Part One

Law and Language – Santos Bonacci Part Two

A Must Listen Video…
Judge Dale – Secrets of America, Great American Adventure

Read / Download Judge Dales’s Full Article in PDF Format Here

9 thoughts on “Santos Bonacci Speaks After Court – Exposes Entire Fraudulent Legal System To The News

  1. The trouble is, as I see it, until one is fully committed and fully realized in the knowledge, being confidently expressed by this courageous fellow, then one is setting oneself up for disaster. Can’t go half way, or spew a few facts out and expect things to go ones way. It’s “all or nothing”, no middle ground. Got to know the facts, the Laws, everything, top to bottom, which, in turn, give one the ability, the confidence to deal with those forces who fiercely protect these secrets.

    He’s a very brave, sovereign human.

  2. Why is that guy covering his mouth in the still photo of the first video? It almost looks as if he’s trying desperately to not breathe the air of truth.

    Or as if he’s shocked that someone would actually be bold enough to speak it.

        1. Tell me about it.. Does it not appear that he does not want to be seen or associated with him though? Like he is either hiding or laughing under his breath.

          “Only when they hear the screams and smell the blood will they realize they’ve been lead to slaughter.”
          -The Sheeple

          1. To be perfectly honest, though, I was actually being facetious with my comment. It was my impression at first glance that he was laughing under that hand.

            But that was so obvious that I decided to have a little fun with it.

            Hey, it worked. I got responses from both you and Funny Farmer. 😆

            I don’t always play nice, OR by the ‘rules’.

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