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Satanic Fashion Show in Catholic Church!


Published on Sep 20, 2017

Scarlet Red in the religion of Thelema represents the whore of Babylon, the goddess of chaos. Dilara Findikoglu pushes satanism through fashion at St. Andrews in London.


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14 Responses to Satanic Fashion Show in Catholic Church!

  1. albertpikebishope says:

    my god even captain beafheart and his magic band would never forgive them..remember trout mask replica? I had the lp once, it was stolen…have it on cd…listen once a year…spotlight favorite…big eyed beans from venus..the cap was a genius with word play .

  2. DL. says:

    No mention of the Star of Remphan (aka the Star of David, aka the star on the flag of Israel, aka the Synagogue of Satan), which was right out there in the midst of the show?

    Another Seventh Day Adventist diversion from the truth? (As if only the Catholic church does this sorta thing? Now I agree the Catholic church hierarchy is an apostacy, but so are those of most Protestant or non-Catholic churches, most if not all Synagogues that teach the Talmud, Islamic mosques, etc. etc. etc.)


  3. Freedom Paluzza says:

    St Andrew’s Church in Holborn IS ANGLICAN, (EPISCOPALIAN).

    Should it matter if these church corporations all conspire to deny the truth?
    But the issue here is TRUTH.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Do they honestly believe anyone will BUY this stupid looking sh#t???

    This is NOT a ‘fashion statement’, but it IS a Satan statement.

  5. Namelusi says:

    That star is not a satanic symbol. Most people don’t know difference but it is in the direction the fifth point is facing. This is a Magik symbol not satanic though most think they are the same, if it interests you enough to find out more then you will actually read some paper books.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      “This is a Magik symbol not satanic though most think they are the same,…”


      News flash, Bubba… ALL ‘Magik’ is Satanic. If you think otherwise, you’re badly misinformed.

      “… if it interests you enough to find out more then you will actually read some paper books.”

      You obviously failed to read the comments on the articles posted here. If you had taken the time, you would discover that the posters on this site are some of THE most well-read people on the planet, insofar as the NWO’s agenda is concerned.

      But you apparently read paper books instead of comments.

    • kender says:

      Namelusi….newsflash…..ALL MAGIK IS SATANIC! Be it white or black. Satan is a master of deceit. It appears that you drank the kool- aid. You should have eaten the red pill instead.

  6. Martha says:

    It’s alleged this happened at a Catholic Church in England? If it were so, should it surprise anyone?? England is still, and has always been pagan. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Catholic Church in England is, and has been controlled by pagan’s.

  7. mary in ND says:


  8. Jim says:

    ‘We will be looking at our booking processes to ensure this does not happen again.’
    The row follows controversy over the decision by the 900-year-old Wells Cathedral in Somerset to allow the interior to be used for filming the latest Hellboy movie.

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  9. flee says:

    I’m to sexy for my shirt.
    To sexy for my cat.
    As I shake my little tush on the catwalk.

    Right Said Fred. ..

    Anyone’s remember that song…
    Pretty gay huh.

    I’m To Sexy.

    • galen says:

      Let’s see… Orgies in the streets and a child sacrifice at all
      coming-out parties? Every full moon, 666 beheadings? A feast of fun and feces?


      I’ll take door number three? What’s that you say? I’ve won a year’s supply of whips and my own personal Iron Maiden torture device? All of this simply for surrendering my eternal soul? Life is so sweet, it’s killing me.



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