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Save Your Glass Bottles

glass bottlesPatriotic Americans need to start saving all glass bottles.  The uses of glass bottles go beyond the abilities of patriots to be creative!  The bottles work well for: guarding candle flames, wine and beer making, sterile water creation and storage, as candles, for holding medicine, carrying fuel for camping stoves, and as mixing receptacles for making all types of cocktails.  DO NOT discard glass bottles of any size as garbage.


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8 Responses to Save Your Glass Bottles

  1. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    I have collected for years waiting for the bottle deposit to come back in my state.

  2. Barbara says:

    Glass jars of all kinds should be on your list, too. I have been saving plastic tops that fit jars, too. Mayo jar tops and cranberry juice bottle tops may fit something else.

  3. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Hi Sean,

    HAhhaha,… I’ve been thinking that very think to myself lately,.. time to save glass bottles just in case the party comes to my neck of the woods!

    If you keep old engine oil too, you can put some in the bottle first (about 25%), then add your favorite blend of fuel,.. you get a good smokiness and it sticks better.

    Glad to see we may be able to “recycle” some of our trash afterall!

    JD – US Marines – It would be plain rude for the Blueheads to show up in your neighborhood and not serve them a few cocktails….

  4. rhumstruck says:

    I might have to fire up the still for cocktails at the debreifing!

  5. NC says:

    Sean, we may not agree on a lot of things but this one, I 100% agree on and I have actually been doing that for the past few months now, as I’m preparing to use them to make my own special cocktails when the SHTF. My wife thinks I’m crazy but after this article, it gives me a great feeling and assurance that I’m not the only one thinking about this and that I was actually one step ahead of the game. Party on!

  6. NC says:

    Also, is it me or do you get the feeling that people who buy things in glass bottles or jars will also be declared potential terrorists in the future? Will they be selling beer and pickles in bags now? lol

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