School Asks Students For Number of Guns, Political Views Held by Family

Infowars – by Kit Daniels

“Does your family own any guns?” asks a high school survey reportedly sent to 100 students. “If so, how many?”

The gun survey given to journalism students at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas, also asks students for their parents’ political views.  

“What are your parents’ political views?” the survey asks. “What are your political views?”

The survey is invasive, to say the least.

“[The Second Amendment] is a great conversation for kids to have in the classroom and definitely for journalism because it applies directly to our Constitution… but the questions that concern me are the ones that ask ‘how many firearms does your parents have at home?’ and ‘what political affiliations do your parents have?’” radio host and gun rights activist Michael Cargill said, who brought the survey to the public’s attention. “That’s private.”

And the survey can be used against the student and his family.

“Have you or anyone in your family ever used a gun in a self-defense situation?” another question asks. “If so, please describe.”

That question is particularly alarming because there’s no statue of limitation prohibiting an anti-gun prosecutor from charging someone with murder for using a gun in self-defense.

And Child Protective Services could also use the survey as a pretext to take kids away from a family.

Also, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms isincreasingly partnering with public schools and sheriff departments and its agents could use the answers provided in a school gun survey to target parents with help from local officials.

Overall, the survey follows an emerging trend by public schools to probe their students’ private lives.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a journalistic survey, it crosses the line,” one parent said. “This wouldn’t be answered in my home and this is the reason that any poll similar to it is not accurate.”

“Who in their right mind would respond truthfully to something like it?”

She makes an interesting point: if the survey is not intended to target pro-gun parents, what good is it for then?

3 thoughts on “School Asks Students For Number of Guns, Political Views Held by Family

  1. “No, it’s regrettable that this years graduates can’t read, and their heads spin when they see anything that looks like math, but they’re politically correct, and we did manage to find out where all the guns are, and who might resist the commie takeover.” — Principal Rabbinowitz.

    There is only ONE reason to squeeze this kind of information out of the kids, and if you can’t figure it out, you’re an idiot. Get your kids out of the public school system, or they will be used against you.

    They’re not your kids anymore. They belong to Obama now. Get used to it, or get used to fighting it. Those are your only choices.

  2. “Who in their right mind would respond truthfully to something like it?”

    A good little well indoctrinated t.v. ‘programmed’ communist slave, that’s who.

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