Schumer Loves Trump’s $Trillion Infrastructure Plan


Hold tight to your wallet, now that both parties have rejected the free market in favor of Keynesian Big Government prodigality. Unsurprisingly, Chuck Schumer — the leftist personification of bloated government to whom Trump donated more than to any other Senator — is on board with Trump’s Obama-esque stimulus plan:  

“We think it should be large,” Schumer told ABC News’ Jon Karl and Rick Klein during their “Powerhouse Politics” podcast. “He’s mentioned a trillion dollars. I told him that sounded good to me.”

Schumer has highlighted infrastructure as one issue that Democrats can work with Trump on, casting some of the billionaire’s positions as “surprisingly” progressive and populist.

Anyone surprised that Trump is a progressive has not been paying attention.

Trump’s infrastructure plan is more in line with Democrats than members of his own party. He said during the campaign that he would “at least double” Hillary Clinton’s proposed $275 billion infrastructure plan. …

Trump’s influential son-in-law, Jared Kushner, told business leaders at a breakfast last week in Manhattan that Trump is closer to Schumer than to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) when it comes to infrastructure spending.

“More in line with Democrats” is a refrain we are likely to hear many times over the next 4 years.

Democrats always back massive unaffordable spending, so long as it doesn’t help the military. As for Republicans, they haven’t stood up to Trump yet and aren’t about to start now:

According to several [Republican House] members, there has been informal talk of accepting a bill that’s only 50 percent paid for, with the rest of the borrowing being offset down the road by “economic growth.” It’s an arrangement Republicans would never have endorsed under a President Hillary Clinton…

Meanwhile, the national debt is closing in on $20 trillion. People are starting to figure out that the government will never pay it off, although it may try by inflating the currency, thereby rendering our money increasingly worthless.

The country is like some desperate, self-destructive fool who quit his job to go on a cocaine binge financed by a credit card that will soon be maxed out and canceled.


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